Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 1, 2008

Behind the scenes of “Change” Ep.2

Credit: Baidu Hangeng Bar

Click the pictures to see them bigger


If you haven’t seen this already, you can watch the Suju cuts SUBBED here

Maybe it’s because I’m a stalker, but I find these pictures of the inside of Suju’s dorm really fascinating :D

I think the thing that I found most interesting (aside from the fact that Teukie has a Wondergirls poster in his room) is that Heebum’s basket is next to the baskets of underwear =.= the poor cat, lol. [For those who don’t know, Heebum is Heechul’s cat]

And I also found it quite hilarious how there are pictures of Donghae EVERYWHERE. Like, when they enter the apartment, you see the Suju group photo on the wall, and all these framed photos of Donghae around it XDDD Ooo and, in one of the pictures of Donghae just wearing a wife beater, you can see this huge Donghae poster hanging on the wall behind him lol.

Oo, and one last thing about Donghae, his dog (Bada) is ALIVE, you can see it in the little cage. Obviously I didn’t think that it was dead, I just thought that he might have given it away or something, because you hardly ever see it, unlike a certain CAT, who’s owner insists on dressing it up and taking it on radio shows to abuse the MCs XDDD

I love the pictures of them sitting down and eating oranges, it makes them look so NORMAL. The only thing about their dorm which suggests that idol singer may live there, is the huge rack of clothes that are hanging in their living room XD (Except I have more clothes than that, and I’m not an idol singer xP *smacks self*)

Oo, and I LOVE TEUKIE’S SLIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hihi~
    Just surfed here randomly and would like to say that I think the Wondergirls poster actually belongs to HeeChul since he’s such a Sohee fan.
    Oh, have you seen the even huger rack of clothes inside one of the rooms? (some other show has it, Mystery 6 I believe) I don’t think I’ve even owned that many clothes in my life…

  2. isms:
    Lol, yea that makes sense, I just assumed that it was Leeteuk’s because he was in the room, forgot that he shared a room with Heechul XD
    Heechul’s Wondergirls obsession is so cute/kinda strange lol.
    Huge rack of clothes in Mystery 6? I haven’t watched all the mystery 6 episodes (bad fan) but I’ll remember to look out for it when I watch it next time :D
    I think in another video, where you see the inside of Heechul’s bedroom, it shows this huuuuge floor to ceiling rack of clothes, and i was like woooow, someone likes to dress up xP

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