Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 1, 2008

Hangeng’s speaking part in ZLY’s “First Love”

Funny how the actual song hasn’t been released yet, but this little speaking part of Hangeng’s is on every other forum XD

It’s pretty much just a 42second clip of Hangeng speaking Chinese, I think it’s going to be played at the start of the song? The tracklist for Zhang Li Yin’s album said that “First Love” features Hangeng, but if this is what “features” means, then….=.= Idk, I was expecting a duet or something :S

Right click here and choose “save target/link as” to download :DWhat I’m currently listening to: “Nodame + Chiaki’s Mozart duet” – Nodame Cantabile OST


  1. as much as i would like to hear, i cant. lol.
    this might be a bit silly, how dis you embed it on wordpress?

  2. Potensvita:
    Darn it. WordPress has failed me, yet again. You’ll probably just have to download it…it’s about 600kb.
    Um..well.. I used [audio ___________] in HTML to embed it, it worked fine for another clip, but obviously this one doesn’t want to work. It has to be in .mp3 format for you to be able to embed it.

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