Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 1, 2008

Kyuhyun the Gamer XD

Credit: Princekyu @ Youtube

Kind of a random post, but I can never find dorky videos of Kyuhyun (like the one of him singing about his bed), so this deserves it’s own post; despite the fact that it’s only 55 seconds long XD

It’s just a conversation between Kangin and Kyuhyun, from when Kangin hosted Chunji. Kangin mentioned how Kyuhyun has a new hobby, and how both him and Donghae have found Kyuhyun on the computer in the middle of the night, playing games.

I love how Kangin went “he wouldn’t even look at me”, and Kyuhyun replied that it’s because “it was in the middle of a really important game” XDDDD

What I’m currently listening to: “Dreams Come True” – CSJH The Grace

[Yea, that’s the new thing I’m gonna add at the bottom of each post, mainly because I’m bored and I want to convert everyone to my music XD]


  1. you’ve probably watched this already. well i think it’s kinda dorky. i’m not too sure:D;

  2. Epikfail:
    OOooo, thanks!
    I’d never seen it before. It’s so refreshing to see Kyuhyun rap. He should go on more variety shows, I’m sure that he’s just as funny as all the other suju boys XD

  3. omg this is so cuteeeeeee and im just laughing to myself coz i can picture donghae all squinty and tired while kyuhyun is typing frantically on his keyboard than kangin comes home and is like O_O
    ILU Kyuhyun!!!

  4. Candychu:
    LOL I can picture it too!!!!!!
    They didn’t mention it here, but I bet that if the conversation continued, they would’ve said that Heechul came out of his room to yell at them all for disturbing his beauty sleep XDDD

  5. yupe! love princekyu 4ever

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