Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 3, 2008

“Miraculous Victory and Defeat” SUBBED.

Credit: Soshisubs @ Youtube

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Argh, sorry, it seems like all I’ve posted today are video links with no comments. But sigh…really don’t have the time to watch these videos, my French and Music homework are still lying on my desk waiting for me to complete, and I’m sick too :( [yes, let’s all have a little pity party for me xP]

So yea, just thought that I’d make this post, because then for those of you who don’t have homework *gives you the evil glare of jealousy*, or you’re just really smart and didn’t leave everything till the last minute (unlike me, biggest procrastinator ever) then you can go watch it :D Ooh, and tell me if it’s worth watching…

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  1. yeaah!! thx for sharing ^_^ i was waiting for this :D
    *gonna watch it now* >D

  2. well, it was ok, i LOVED “changmin vs junsu”
    i wish jae was there, SOUL FIGHTER <333
    and yunho was SOOOOOOOO cute here,
    as much as i hate to admit it,
    tiffany and changmin looked…really…good together, pfft

  3. Youjuchan:
    Yea, sorry i wasn’t able to provide that much information on it, uni is so annoying =.= But I’m glad you went and watched it, hope you enjoyed it :D

    Darn it. I want to see a subbed cut of the Changmin vs. junsu bit, coz i don’t have the time to watch the whole episode :( Was it as funny as Happy Together? if it was then i HAVE to watch it.
    Tiffany and Changmin looked good together? pfffffffffffffffffffffffft, whatever, he’s mine XDDDD

  4. ahahha lol xD well I LOVEEEEE the part where they insult each other,!
    well, episode 2 or is it 3? is a MUST! & part 4! OMG THIS ONE GUY IS SOOO fnny xD its not as funny as happy together, btw I JUST WATCHED IT! and omggg i have exam tomorrw, gosh! ahahah. fine fine i’ll go study now *walks off with aa smirk* ahahha

  5. i loved watching it XD~ especially when the cameraman goes to changminnie while he was laughing! (mismatched eyes waaaah cuute~!!!) i just think that some of the ‘jokes’ are not that funny yet little bit hurting.. i know its just a show but yeah -.-‘ if it was me i would be hurt *drop*
    kangin was little bit annoyed? i dont know >.< he kinda looks like smtgh’s not right..
    but i was laughing so hard trough the whole episode *rofl* i like watching tiffany and changmin laughing together ^^” they’re soo cute <33

    hope you’ve recovered again ^_^ you HAVE TO watch it!

  6. Koreanchocolate:
    Grrrr, now i’m really tempted to watch it. I love it when they insult each other too!! Like, i LOVE watching Jae and Changmin hit each other, just because their little play fights are so cute ^—^

    Awwww changmin’s mismatched eyes XDDDD
    I read some comments which said that the jokes were mean. Idk, I think that sometimes the MCs go a little too far, like the MCs on Unbelievable Outing =.= It’s good to have a sense of humour, but….i prefer the Japanese MCs xP (except i love Kang ho dong, MC Yoo, and PMS, they are HILARIOUS)

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