Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 4, 2008

Hangeng+ZLY Sohu interview

I won’t embed the videos, I’ll just link you to them, because the uploader actually included a translation next to each video. The interview is from Sohu’s 10th anniversary event.

Red carpet

Interview part 1    part 2    part 3

Both Hangeng and ZLY looked good. Hangeng looked adoooorable in his little suit, I especially liked his bow tie ^^. And ZLY looked very mature in her dress, she’s actually only a few months older than me, but she always looks so mature :D

Another part of the interview was aired yesterday on Sohu, and it hasn’t been uploaded onto youtube yet, so click here to watch it on Tudou. There’s been a lot of talk about this part of the interview, probably more talk than all the other parts combined. And that’s because Hangeng “sort of” mentioned SJ-C. The video on Tudou isn’t subbed, so I’ll do a rough translation:

At the start, the MC asked HG if he’s the best dancer in Suju, Hangeng replied no, and that Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Donghae are all very good dancers. The MC then asked him how he felt regarding the addition of new members into Suju. Hangeng replied that he feels that it doesn’t matter, and used the addition of Kyuhyun as an example, to show that the addition of new members is a continued possibility, and that Suju could keep adding members until it reaches 100 or 200 (I think he was joking, because that would just be odd). HG then went on to say that Suju is very active in many asian countries, and that it’s members can do many different things, eg. acting, modelling, hosting, etc.

The MC asked HG if the company has revealed to them how much more SuJu will expand, and HG replied that he’s not sure, and that it will be in the company’s future plans. The MC then asked him if he’s looking forward to the addition of new members, and HG replied that what he’s looking forward to, is Suju becoming better and better.

The rest of the interview is ZLY answering questions regarding her album, etc. And I won’t translate that, I’m sure the Youtube uploader will, when he/she uploads the video.

So in conclusion, Hangeng did NOT say that he wants new members, and he didn’t say that there will definitely be new members. So, CHILL. There’s been a lot of comments bashing Hangeng, and that’s really sad. I’m pretty sure that SM would’ve trained their artists how to answer interview questions, so even if Hangeng doesn’t want any new members, he can’t exactly throw himself on the ground and start screaming “NO NO NO NO NO NO” can he?

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the “new members” idea, but if LSM does add new members to Suju, I’m not going to stop supporting Suju. I actually feel quite sorry for Henry, SM hasn’t confirmed his status as the 14th member, and he’s got thousands of antis already. He’s actually quite talented; I know I can’t moon walk while playing violin :D

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  1. hehe im back to commenting ^^..after like a day :P
    anywayz I reckon Hankyung answered his Qs pretty well in an indirect sort of way
    my fingers are crossed hoping that 13 is the max no. but the way hankyung said it it was kinda like preparing us for additional members XD esp by using Kyuhyun as an example O_O
    but hmmm…its March already and SuJuC are set to debut arent they? that means more money spending XD

  2. pinkandsparkly.
    are you chinese? i’m surprised that you can understand it without sub

    anyway. the MC asked ZLY whether she will be attracted to that kind of man. (i think it was referring to the founder of sohu.). she said yes! HG was like a big brother and told ZLY that she’s still young!

    so funny. HG was acting like a big brother protecting ZLY. i wonder whether they’ll be together. (:

  3. Candychu:
    Lol, welcome back, shouldn’t you be studying xP
    He did answer everything in an indirect sort of way, kinda like Leeteuk, Heechul and Eunhyuk did, when they got asked this question.
    Yes, SJ-C debuts in March….I’m not looking forward to hearing Don’t Don in Chinese though XDDD

    Haha, yes I’m Chinese, I can speak mandarin fluently ^———-^
    That bit with HG and ZLY was so cuuuute. Hannie was like “you’re still young!” and ZLY just nodded her head like a little girl XDDD
    I don’t want to picture them together…because Hannie MIIIINE, ALL MINE, MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE *goes into crazy fangirl mode*
    Lol, kidding, I’m sure they’d make a cute couple :D (there was even a rumour that they’re engaged, but obviously we know that’s not true)

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