Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 4, 2008

Zhang Li Yin dancing to “One more try”

Video Credit: lurv304 @ Youtube

I’ve been trying to find this for quite some time now…well not THIS specific video, just a video of her dancing.

I think this was from her album release press conference (the one that Hangeng was at, I’ve already done a post on his fancam from it here). She danced and lipsynched to her new song “One more try”. I must give SM credit for their “boot-camp” that they make their artists go through, it’s obviously worked well on ZLY. While she’s no Stephanie (CSJH The Grace), she’s definistely exceeded my expectations of her. I know that some people will argue that the moves really weren’t that complicated, and were mainly just hair flicking, and hip swaying, but I must point out that a few months ago, this girl looked like she wanted to bolt for the mountains everytime she went up on stage, but now she’s DANCING, and looking quite confident while she’s doing it *claps*

I love her outfit, especially the little vest that she has, gah, must go out and buy one *—-* But, I STILL think that the song sounds like CSJH The Grace’s “Girlfriend”, I don’t know what it is exactly, maybe it’s the beat? SOMETHING just reminds me of that song. I’ve uploaded “Girlfriend” here, so go have a listen and tell me what you think…

Oo, and a word of advice for her backup dancers: “UNISON.” it’s very important ;)

What I’m currently listening to: “Utsukushisugite Beautiful Eyes” – NEWS 


  1. i havent been much at ur blog lately but …
    you have the exact thought i had. when she turned her body in a way, i saw stephanie. lol.
    she is trying, i just wish she started with a cute dancing instead of sexy

  2. anyway, have u heard her live on another song?

  3. 0o0o I am impressed, at least in the confidence part. Unfortunately, her moves seem more of an “improv” style rather than real choreographed dancing. Regardless, she (or SM?) needs to practice more with her backup dancers! It would’ve been much more crisp if they were in-sync with her and they were in sync together in general! And honestly… if you’re going to make her dance, GIVE her a song to dance too! This song is too slow to really dance anything other than the little “improv-like” bits that she did.

  4. Potensvita:
    No..haven’t heard her live on another song, has she done any recent live performances?
    Yea, I saw a hint of Stephanie in those moves too, SM needs to give her some choreography that’s closer to her style, from the pictures i’ve seen of her album, they seem to be going for the “angelic” look, so they really should think about doing a new choreography..

    Yea, she needs to have a proper dance track. What happened to the SMP style song that’s always in an SM artist’s album? Like, Suju has Don’t Don, DBSK has “rising sun” “o” “purple line”, CSJH has “one more time”, “boomerang”, SNSD has…something, idk, don’t listen to their music, but ZLY has…? imo, she really needs one, to make her stand out from all the other asian female soloists out there.
    Her backup dancers need to practice more, i didn’t see any unison between the dancers… Some of the Suju boys aren’t the best dancers, but at least they’re in sync.

  5. Happiness Left Shore.

    I Will

    haha… all this is LIVE and was done in the press conference. ^^
    i am trying to convert u to a ZLY lover lol. but damnit woman, thanks for even sampling.

    anyway, is there a special post of something for me to update u? lol

  6. Potensvita:
    thanks for the links! i’ll go watch them as soon as i finish this comment :D
    If you want, you can leave me comments about updates here:
    OR, how would you like to be a contributor? I don’t really cover many female artists, and you seem to know quite a few. And you’re always giving me links, so…yea, you could help me cover all the ZLY news, coz she’s going to be super busy soon, with her album promotion. Or you can just continue to give me links :DD

  7. i can help? wow. LOL. I CAN BE A CONTRIBUTOR. LOL.
    BOA AND csjh and Younha too. i spent most of my time doting on i dont know WG or Big Bang or SNSD. lol

  8. Potensvita:
    An email has been sent your way ;)

  9. I Think She’s Okayyy As A Starter
    For Dancing. But I Do Agree That
    She Should Have Done a More
    Innocent/Cute Type Of Look b4

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