Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 5, 2008

DBSK OBS interview, SUBBED.

Credit: eternalmerkamoon2 @ Youtube, and GOE;SS

Part 2

;____; watching this nearly made me cry, it’s so sad. They talked about their experiences in Japan, and gah, I’m so proud of them *——*

I wanted to hug Changmin when he said “I made a lot of mistakes, to the point where standing on that stage was a mistake” ;______; He is so hard on himself, people often forget that the boys are actually quite young, and they are absolutely amazing to be able to handle so much stuff. Changmin’s only a year older than me, and if I had to deal with the stuff that he’s dealt with (like no fans wanting his signature at fan signing events) I would’ve just quit and went back to being a normal student. ILU CHANGMIN <3333

I was also ;____; when they talked about their performance at the university lecture hall, coming from Korea (where they get 1st class treatment), that would’ve just been so hard to deal with, other artists would’ve just left or complained, but they kept going, BECAUSE THEY’RE AWESOME :DDDDDDDDDD

Another sad bit was when they talked about how, in their Korean showcases, 50,000 fans would turn up, but at some of their early Japanese performances, there would only be 50…. ;________; SO SAD.

I love how Jae said “if our music doesn’t grow, it’s a victory that we can’t attain”; DBSK always gets labelled as an “idol” group, but really, they should be labelled as “musicians”, because that’s what they ARE, they’re FANTASTIC vocalists, who all just happen to dance well :D

On a totally irrelevant note, I meet a Korean girl in my French class today, we had to introduce ourselves in French, and when she said that she was from Korea, I immediately went “OMG DO YOU KNOW TVXQ?!?!?!?!” (in English), and she stared at me like I was some kind of psychotic freak XDDD – I think she’s really scared of me now. Ha. Social retard = me.

What I’m currently listening to: “Floods” – Fightstar


  1. you dork. lol.
    i had just watched it too. you know. i really admire them. but not the fanatic type… just totally think they are great in their determination and stuff.
    I dont know whether u had watched this but …
    i saw a japanese clip about them and their achievement.

  2. I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting lately, omg :(. School suckssssssssss. (How was your orientation week btw? ♥!)

    LOL I’m typing up my post on this right now. I agree, it was such a great interview ♥. They are amazing boys and they deserve all the best.

    (YOU DORK, ILU ♥.)

  3. Potensvita:
    Ooo, so you’re just a neural observer who admires them? HEEE I CAN CONVERT YOU THEN!! PROJECT!!!!! XDDD
    Yea, I’ve seen that clip before. I love watching more “personal” interviews like these, they just make me feel all happy and mushy *——-*

    Ugh, I haven’t commented you much lately either :( Orientation week was….riveting :| Lol, I’ve only been a proper uni student for 3 days and I already hate it XD I think there’s just something about school in general that doesn’t sit well with me…lol, such a good role model xP (and to think that I used to be a Prefect too XDDD)
    Haha, I’m pretty sure that the Korean girl is scared of me now, I saw her looking at me weirdly when I pulled my Suju planner out of my bag to record the homework; I’m such a social retard, i love it. XD

  4. :DDD lol I feel that way about school too! Orientation week is the worst, omg. Our orientation week had me wanting to drop out ugh DDD:. But then my Asian mother would kill me, so lol don’t have much of a choice. I’m sure it will get better though! <3!

    Suju planner lololololololol. You nerd, ilu ♥. I wish I had one! I did buy it, but I gave it away as a present and wow I’m kind of regretting that now, lmao. But my friend loved it. And I have another person in real life to fangirl with so I guess I can’t really complain HAR HAR.

  5. Spazzes:
    Lol, you gotta love asian parents. I got a few “what are you going to do with your life”s when I told my parents that I was going to major in a Humanities field, and not science XD That reminds me, have you read the “how do you know if you’re asian” forward? Whoever wrote that email is a geeenius, because those points are all so TRUEEE. Tell me if you haven’t read it, and I’ll send it to you.

    I don’t know what Orientation week is supposed to do, cos I still get lost on a regular basis XD (I even attended the wrong class XD I posted the story up on Boy meets Girl, just to share my blonde moment with the world, lol)

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