Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 5, 2008

Heechul to Hangeng relay talk, SUBBED. + Eunhyuk -> Yesung

Credit: ana3185 @ Youtube, and GOE;SS


I’ve been waiting SO LONG for this to be subbed. I’ve got the DVD at home, but I was waiting for the subbed version, so I can blog about it and go crazy, and now I CAN, because it’s SUUUUBBED :DDD

The Heechul -> Hangeng talk starts off with Heechul reading from the card that Siwon wrote him (they have to write the person after them a little card). And then Heechul starts talking about Hangeng. Now, I’m not sure if you’ve all seen the videos of Heechul imitating Hangeng, but they are absolute GOLD; actually, Heechul imitating anyone is hilarious XDDD

My favourite Hangeng imitation by Heechul, is the story that Heechul always tells about how Hangeng told him not to buy a car, because the price will go down, but then Heechul sees Hangeng looking at cars online, and Hangeng told him that he “needs to be able to get around” XDDDD

I’m not going to say anything else about the video, because you must watch it, it’s only 5 minutes, so it shouldn’t kill your internet :D

The Eunhyuk -> Yesung one has also been subbed, you can watch it here

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  1. waaahh thanks soo much <33 i was waiting for more relay talks to be subbed! ^___^
    heechul’s such a dork xD i love the way he imitates hankyung *lol* and the letter siwon wrote him was so funny xDD~
    btw. wasnt eunhyuk talking about yesung? because i saw yesung in the back XD~
    anyways~ thx again for sharing :D
    can’t wait for hankyung-eunhyuk talk ^^”

  2. Youjuchan:
    You’re welcome :D
    and hahahah, yes, it is eunhyuk->yesung, i don’t know why i wrote ryeowook XDDDD i’m having psychotic delusions XDDDD

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