Posted by: potensvita | March 5, 2008

I need medicine and most probably, ZLY’s newest album.


While my alter ego, pinkandsparkly is at school and was about to get expelled if she didn’t arrive in time, I am right in front of the computer, typing away rather excitedly about myself.

Which is probably the weirdest thing to do since I am a bit ill.


Everyone who lives in a four season country, do take care or you will be like in the same spot as I am…. a running nose that you felt like it should be surgically removed and a throat so sore that you felt like eating chocolate just to see whether it can possibly get worser than how it is already.

By the way, let me introduce myself.

~types excitedly~

I am potensvita. lol. never thought I would be invited as a co-author for Let’s All Eat Candy. Actually, I had been reading her blog a lot and it was my source of news when it comes to DBSK and Suju. One thing that, pinky and I realised was this blog would be PERFECT if there is also fangirl spazzin about female artist.

PS : I tend to be a bit leaning towards the lesbo side. laughs.

So, this post served as an introduction for me and news about ZLY’s chinese album. She did an album conference (read here) and I am just going to embed vids about her other performance in the album conference.

To those who are still new to her, she is the girl who had sang Timeless and was so called labeled as “chinese BoA” to conquer Asia as the third Halluyu wave. (korean wave)

Credit : CLOUDI @ youtube

Now, after a year with four months gone, she is back with a Chinese album which was waiting for an international release. (so that I can get my hands on it)

She started with her catchy One More Try. If I am not wrong, it was composed by the same composer that compose One more time, ok? by CSJH….

Not ringing a bell?

How about Rising Sun by DBSK? The composer is so cool. I was about to bow down at him at all the hit song, especially Rising Sun.

She did a press conference and performed …

Credit : idealise @ youtube

Side notes : the guy in the vid at the beginning is another chinese SM trainee who looked like a mixture of Kangta and Siwon. Or maybe I am hallucinating. Must get the medicine and the album... soon. TT

I Will which is also the title song for her album and the MV, I will starred Han Geng, Si Won and Yeon Hee.

I am swear this performance is LIVE and she sounded like the MV minus all the other extra sound effect. lol. I think I am seeing two ZLYs. lol

She did another performance too. this time is was for the second most paid attention song in her album, Happiness Left Shore. Actually, there is a Korean version for this, and it is entitled as Lovers for the Korean drama Lovers, creative eh? lol. You can sample it here.

credit : idealise @ youtube

Usually, i would really spazz more a LOT more about here but yeah, I need to do some catching up with my nose.

Oh yeah. before I hit the bed, how did i do? ^^

By the way, thanks for inviting me. I will try my best. haha.


  1. Woot woot!

    Welcomeeeeeee potensvita!

    And bring on dem female artists. :) Too much DBSK can be bad for the soul (although I can totally see pinkandsparkly madly replying with “NEVER!”. Actually, anyone who frequents this blog’ll probably reply with “NEVER!”. But I digress.).

    *super excited*

    It feels kinda weird commenting on here, as opposed to replying to comments XDDDDD
    Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, GREAT JOB! I’m at school at the moment (I wasn’t late, but I DID accidentally go to the wrong lecture – so i had to endure 15 minutes of a mathematics lecture, then realised that I was in the wrong place XD!!! I AM SO COOOOOL) when I get home, i’ll definitely watch the live performance again, because the guy who you described as a cross between Siwon and Kangta sounds yummy *—–* Will stalk him, soon.
    Btw, you’re in charge of replying to the comments on your posts :P have fun.

    And btw, if you want to cover some other asian artists that I don’t cover, then feel free to contribute, I adore your writing style :D
    Ok, I really must go do some “silent study” (HA!) fingers cross that I won’t walk into the wrong class again HEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  3. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL pinkandsparkly! You’re NEVERRRRRRRRRRRR(…) went off the page! <3 <3 <3 That is SO MUCH LOVE. I’m not even going to bother counting the number of “r”s. lol!

    Awwww! Thanks for the compliment! <3 When I find an artist I really like, I’ll bombard you with emails! Or comments! One or the other. Hahahaha.

    Kay, off to do a geo resources project. After I eat. Always after I eat.

  4. Look!
    My Lovers Vid is Famous.
    Lol. J/k. But Yah.
    Love Her New Song.
    I only Heard 3 Of Em`.
    Do Anyone Know Where I Can Listen To The Rest?

  5. Welcome potensvita!

    don’t worry. i’m looking forward to your posts too. Lols. Yes, and i adore ZLY. lols. I wonder whether it’s because we’re of the same age and having the same birthday. owels, i just love her voice. seriously, she’s like the 2nd Christina Aguilera. n yea, it would be PERFECT if there is also fangirl spazzin about female artist. ^^

    n no, you’re not hallucinating. this guy has the mixture of Kangta n Siwon. kekez.


    hehez. i’m looking forward for u to stalk that guy who has the mixture of siwon and kangta. oh, so you’re chinese and u speak mandarin fluently. hi 5* i guess that’s an advantage for both of us , right? lols.

    great. i gotta go self-study for my SAT :(

  6. playmeagain
    thank you for the anticipation. lol. i will try my best.
    but I have to add….. something too.
    lol. you are such a cute dork. haha.
    thanks, seriously. i am having a blast here too.
    hope you dont get into anymore wrong classroom.

    i am really sorry. i must had forgotten to credit your vids. haha. must be the cold. anyway, ps : whispered silently…. i am currently downloading her album because i was waiting for too long and Yesasia refused to release an international date.
    haha. i am such a bad fan but to make myself feel better, i am definitely buy her album.


    wow. thanks. i will definitely try my best. now that i know there is someone out there who adores her. ^^
    the Christina part is so true… when both of them sing, it was like with their whole soul.
    i really hope that she will sing timeless again with Jun Su in Korea because she will totally rock the house.

  7. potensvita :

    may i know where do u download her album?

  8. BoAJjang. Teehee. felt really guilty now.

  9. potensvita:
    Thanks. Ha. You Don’t Need To Credit
    Me. =] Since I Know. But yah.
    I Love This Blog.
    O. for Real?? I Wanna Download the Album.
    My Sister Wants The Albums, But YesAsia
    Don’t have It! >.<

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