Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 6, 2008

DBSK Challenge 5! Ep.5

Credit: micky86400 @ Youtube

There’s a translation here (click “more” in the about section next to the video) and there are also links to the previous episodes at the bottom of the translation (including Ep.4 – the one I didn’t post)

This time they played a tennis ball throwing game. They took turns throwing a tennis at this plastic board which had all these cards on it, and the aim was to knock down all the cards. Yunho goes first, and we all know that he’s really good at sports; he knocked down 6 cards (out of 9). But then the other go, and they…didn’t do so well XDDDD I didn’t even see where Changmin’s ball went LOL

Aiming is actually quite difficult, if I played that game then I would’ve hit (and broke) the video camera that was behind the board XD. Oh, and at the end, Yunho stood in the middle and talked about his “T” single (which ranked no.3 on Oricon yesterday!) and the banner at the bottom spelt “to” wrong ^^;;;;;;;;; – I should see if I can get a work placement at Avex, ha.

What I’m currently listening to: “Keep your hands off my girl” – Good Charlotte 

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