Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 6, 2008

Jae commenting on “Keyword/Maze”

Credit: azngyrl14 @ Youtube


Ok, so Jae was talking about his “Keyword” single, and Changmin walks in, and Jae looked really scared, like he thought that Changmin was going to punch him (one touch! XD) but Changmin was all “continue, continue”, lol. Changmin looked so TALL in this, Jae looked like a munchkin, standing next to him XD

Ooo and their little nudges at the end were so CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE ^———–^

No Jae-min violence in this tough, I was so dissapointed xP

What I’m currently listening to: “Dance floor anthem” – Good Charlotte


  1. :) jaejoong’s KEYWORD is out. here [hinaka16@YT]…i was wondering….if you had a mp3? of it? >_< i shouldn’t be asking favors of people but i really like it. well, if cannot get an mp3 then it’s ok!!! :D i share with you the song! ^_^ hehe.

  2. Coriohh:
    I’ve already uploaded it before, here:
    I *think* it’s the same one, I’m not sure though, and i can’t check because i’m on a different computer that doesn’t have the mp3 ^^;;;;;; Hopefully it’s the same one as the youtube one :D
    don’t feel bad about asking for a favour!! I love helping people, it makes me feel useful ^———————-^

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