Posted by: potensvita | March 6, 2008

Just a quick update … before my medicine knocks me out

I had found full clips of her press conference ….

That is part one.

Part two, Part three , Part Four, Part five, Part six.

Credit : idarklight @ youtube.


Medicine you can knock me out now. Bye bye. ^^


  1. thanks for posting up the videos.
    gosh. i had a close look of Lee Soo Man for the first time. He looks..”mafia-ish”. hehez. lols. can’t help but feeling sorry for ZLY as he hugs her a few time. Owels, i guess ZLY is so lucky as her boss/producer actually went down to China to support her? So far, i haven seen anyone who did that for their singers. kekez. owels. The MC (kangta/siwon) spoke a bit korean, eh? hmm….

    oh, i just listened to her album. I love all her songs! Her voice is so good. i can’t help but feel proud for her. don’t u think guys?

  2. Believe it or not but i dont really like the duets in the album… expect for timeless. i can’t hear the guys singing loudly in it. there was even a track that i felt that guy was mumbling. haha.

  3. Practice makes perfect, right? :D
    I really like the guy’s voice in “Pure Love”, it’s my favourite sort of voice on a guy, lol.
    I don’t really like the other guy’s voice, nothing against his singing, it’s just because I understand Chinese, and he sounds like he’s mumbling/slurring his words ^^;;;

  4. ok. because i have to clarify the information,
    in Pure Love, it was a Chinese SM trainee that sang with Li Yin. His name is Song Bing Yang.

    then, the one that i think is mumbling is actually a KOREAN SM trainee, Kim Jong Hyun.oh well. i think it is the difference in language. that is all.

  5. LSM is so smart! he’s using all his available SM trainee. Guess it’s also a way for them to get exposure.

    guess. it’s just because i also understand mandarin, he’s mumbling the words most of the time. Was Junsu better in timeless?

    btw, never heard the trainees though.

  6. oh …. Jun Su’s singing mandarin in Timeless was way better than the mumbling-duet-guy. I can understand Jun Su more. haha.

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