Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 6, 2008

“Unbelievable Outing” Ep. 2, subbed.

Credit: Shieldkitten @ Youtube

Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

I was just going to post up the links (because I really have to go to school), but then I gave in to temptation and watched part 1 XD

At the start of Part 1, they’re all sitting around a pool, and they’re wearing this *BRIGHT* shorts. I LOLed when the rubber ducky went past XDD Anyway, no one was talking, and the PD added all these thought bubbles to the screen, next to each of their heads. My favourite one was Yesung’s “how many lines did I say?” XD

After they get out of the pool, they talked about if the Suju boys have appeared on television before their debut. And they all have! Sungmin’s footage of him and Eunhyuk playing, is so CUTE; squishy Sungmin ^—-^ And I LOLed when Shindong talked about appearing on the news, I think most people have? Well I have anyway. I’ve also been on those children education shows, I had to sit in a boat with other children, and cruise down a river (I was only 8, lol). Eunhyuk’s tv. experience also made me laugh, just because he said “we didn’t even know there was a camera”, I can just picture a little Eunhyuk being stalked by some future ELVES (xP) with those huge video cameras that were available, back in the day XDD

After the little talk, the MCs performed a gag routine (I think they were imitating a video game?) and the Suju boys performed “Man in Love”. I love that dance *–*. The MCs then came out and tried to do that dance, with Eunhyuk at the front leading. The MCs’ moves  reminded me of those little old ladies who do water aerobics at the pool XDDDD

Haven’t watched the other parts yet, I really have to go to school ;______;, fingers crossed that I won’t go to the wrong class again XD

What I’m currently listening to: “1000 years later” – JJ Lin

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