Posted by: potensvita | March 6, 2008

ZLY’s Korean Version of I Will mp3

HUM ….

~plugs in I Will and listens to the Korean version~

I like the Korean version better…..

Maybe because this song is actually a remake, of I Will by SES. SES is one of the SM town’s old girlbands. They were really popular together with Shinhwa and HOT.

The link above is their performance in their 10th anniversary.

I think I like ZLY’s version more.

You want to sample ZLY’s version? Click here.

There is something I am going to clarify. I can’t really contribute more than news and I might be a bit late since news is something that always changes. I really want to apologise if I’m too late, and you can inform me of anything at Talk.Share.

Oh by the way, I have no trouble uploading MVs and performance if I like the performance enough or the MV enough, and from time to time, I am going to do coverage of songs I really like for you guys. I guess that is called spazzing.


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