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Asia’s top 10 pretty boys

Recently, in the DBSK interviews, the topic of Jae being Asia’s no.1 pretty boy has always come up. So I thought that I’d do a little post on those top ten boys, so that you’ll all know who else made it on *the list* (I’m procrastinating, is it obvious?)

I tried to choose flattering images of everyone. I’m not too familiar with all the people on the list, so if I chose a really bad picture of your favourite, then just know that I didn’t do it intentionally. Oh, and I’ve got pictures for each person, some of the pictures just take longer to load.

Credit: My own picture folder, and each artist’s Baidu Bar

[Some of these pictures can be viewed in a bigger size, just be sure to RIGHT click, and click “view picture” to see it. DON’T just click on the picture, that’ll take you to a land far far away.]

Number 10.


Fahrenheit’s Wuzun

Mm~~~ I’m not really a Fahrenheit fan, but if I had a list of attractive boys, he’d definitely be on it. I think he’s just got one of those faces that agrees with everyone’s taste, kinda like Siwon’s face. I would’ve put him higher on the list, but, I guess not many Fahrenheit fans had access to a computer. (This was from an online poll on a popular Chinese website)

Number 9.

Takeshi Kaneshiro

I don’t really know much about him. Just know that he’s a Japanese actor. I don’t really watch asian movies….

Number 8.



Haha, why am I not surprised. He’s the only Suju boy who made it onto the list though, Heechul must be dissapointed XD

Number 7.

NewS leader – Yamashita Tomohisa

His Baidu Post Bar is ALWAYS ranked no.1 in the Japanese stars section.

Number 6.

F4’s Vic Chou

I used to LOOOOOOOOOOOVE him, but in my F4 days. But I think it’s because I adored his character in Meteor Garden *—–*


Jimmy Lin

He’s the main actor in “My Lucky star”. I think he’s 30 something this year, but he has such a baby-face, it’s hard to tell. I think he was originally a singer. He’s got a pretty good voice, imo. I LOVE the song that JJ Lin wrote for him, I’ve uploaded it here.


KAT-UN’s Kamenashi Kazuya

Admittedly, I’ve never listened to KAT-UN. I know that their latest single did really well on the Oricon chart though. It only just came out last month, and it’s already sold 385379 copies. I’ve been meaning to try it, I think I will when I finish this post.



YAY, another DBSK boy! Hopefully next year, we’ll see Changmin, Junsu, and Micky on it :DDD


F4’s Jerry Yan

Again, I loved his character in Meteor Garden. But, him as a singer? Not so much…



Jaeeeeeeeeeee <33333333

We all know that I love this boy more than oxygen, so I’m very happy that he got no.1 :DDD

Did any of these come as a surprise?

What I’m currently listening to: “We apologize for nothing” – Fightstar


  1. lol. i laughed when i read ur side comment about jerry yan. chang min looks a bit like him right?
    but i wasnt surprised with the list. lol.

  2. Potensvita:
    Haha, hopefully I didn’t earn myself any new antis XD
    Yea, I think Changmin does look a little bit like him. I also think that Changmin looks like Ryo from NEWS ^—^
    You weren’t surprised? I was, a little. Idk, I expected Mike to be on there…(actor from “Devil next to you”)

  3. ah. i forgotten him. i agree, Mike He should be in here at least he is better than Wuzun. I am a Mike He fan than WuZun

  4. yay!!!! U-know is in the list ^____^

  5. They’re all so … pretty.

    LOLOLOLOL. I was listening to some F4 the other day, and oh em gee, I almost pulled my hair out. I can’t believe that at one point in time, I actually thought they were sorta kinda amazing. Haha. They’re kind of like Fahrenheit – they LOOK good, but they’re voices aren’t exactly pleasing to the ear. =P

    And I LOVE Yamashita Tomohisa. His speaking voice is actually REALLY annoying (leastwise, I think so), but he’s adorable (well, his acting roles are). Have you seen Nobuta wo Produce? Kamenashi Kazuya’s in it, too. It’s by far, the BEST j-dorama I’ve EVER seen (actually, probably HANDS DOWN, the best drama I’ve ever seen, period). I’ll probably do some long, extended post on it one day, cos I loved it THAT MUCH.

    Anyhow, I’m going incoherent here, so I’m gonna stop writing now and read some other posts. Hehe. Later!!!!!!

  6. I’m so PLEASED I know everybody on this list! ^^ YAY JAEJOONGIE!! <3 AND everybody else basically pwns, too. *SQUEE* at that pic of My Lucky Star – GOD Jimmy’s cute, and that drama made me spazz so much, OMO.

  7. okay i came on the net to research some english notes…and ahaha look where i ended up going!
    anywayz so u finally decided to make a post on this did u :P rmbr wen i told u about it and u said it was old news? *sulks in corner*
    BUT anywayz im here to SPAZZ!!
    Okay, Wuzun is as Fahrenheit (and others described) – he is a King Kong Barbie…or is it Barbie King Kong :S either way hes just so good looking and he has a really nice personality…like from all the taiwan variety shows i used to watch I preferred Chun’s personality to the other 3 bcoz he was less loud and attention seeking but wud add in a cheeky comment every now and then…kinda like my Changmin xDD but yeah he should’ve been up higher
    Takeshi Kaneshiro is actually a Jap/Taiwan actor…so he’s mixed. Just the other day I was discussing about him wiht my friend and shes like ‘omg hes so hot hes mixed’ and she starts comparing him to all these eurasian ppl and im like ‘err even tho he’s mixed both sides r asian’ xDDD aha…he was in House of Flying Daggers with ANdy Lau abnd Zhang Zi Yi…hav u watched that?
    Hankyung wooot~! But the only SuJu member to have made it? :( Where’s Siwon??? xDD
    Yamapi – Of course. Tho I’m not 100% familiar with NEWS (I only know Ryo xD) every girl at my school who is a Jpop fan has Yamapi on their folder =.=”
    VIC!!!! How I miss the Meteor Garden days…damn I wana go back and rewatch Mars…omg I loved him in Mars….*drool*
    Jimmy Lin…again another person I’ve heard of through crazy fan girls at school
    Yunho!!!! ^^ I wanna know where the other 3 ranked on this list :S
    Jerry…I never really found him particularly attractive in meteor garden…i think it was the clothes :S But in the Hospital (Which i stopped watching after finding out he doesnt end up with the main girl) he was sooooo cute/good looking ^^ hehehe and he was such a nice doctor :P
    Jae – why am i not surprised about this :P On Popseoul they were comparing Jae again to another singing (Ajoo – the one who was LOOKING for a fanclub) and Popseoul were actually COMPLIMENTING Jae’s looks O_O

    this was a very long comment…and if only i could write this much when it comes to my feature article/essay O_O …

  8. oops I missed out on Kamenashi Kazuya
    I’ve never listened to any Kat-Tun music BUT I do find Jin (not sure bout his full name) attractive. I think he’s the best looking…his chinese name (in canto) is “chek sai yun” … u probably have NOO idea what that is hahaha xD sounds like some sort of fruit
    except he ended up having quit the band coz of studies….but im so outdated on their news that im probably wrong xDDD

  9. Potensvita:
    I think that Mike is a better actor, but in terms of looks, Wuzun all the way ^—^

    Yayyyyyy :DDDDDDD
    I wonder why none of the interviews mentioned Yunho being on the list…

    Guess what I was doing 5 minutes earlier. Watching “Nobuta wo Produce”, haha. I read your comment this morning, and you said that it’s the best drama you’ve ever seen, so I had to go watch it, lol. I’m halfway through ep.1, I like it so far. Yamashita Tomohisa is CUUUTE, and the Kat-un guy is fairly easy on the eyes :P
    I used to LOVE F4, I was OBSESSED, I think I was only 11 or 12, so it’s understandable, haha. I used to fangirl over Fahrenheit too, I’ve got most of their dramas, magazines, and one limited edition CD. I still think they’re funny, but I just think that they really need to improve vocally. Same with most other asian boybands…

    Ooo, I’m halfway through “my lucky star”. I was shocked when I found out that Jimmy’s 30 something, he looks sooooo much younger than that

    Lol, yea, I did see this last year, but I think that the Korean media only just got hold of it, so that’s probably why they’ve just started talking about it? But I was really bored yesterday, and it was a slow news day, so I thought I’d do a post on it XD It ended up annoying the heck out of me, because I had to go to each individual person’s Baidu bar to find pictures, and grrr some fans posts REALLY un-flattering pictures of their artists up. It made my job very difficult. :(

    Wuzun and Aaron are my favourite Fahrenheit boys <33 Wuzun because he’s just GORGEOUS, and Aaron because, imo, he has heaps of potential vocally, I like his voice :D
    Nope, I haven’t seen “house of flying daggers”, I don’t watch any asian movies, i just watch dramas :D Ryo is the only NEWS boy I know too, but one of my NZ friends LOVES Yamapi, so I always see his picture on her dp, didnt know his name till I did this post though, lol.
    I haven’t seen Mars, I think I have the DVD, but I haven’t watch it. Don’t like Barbie, she annoys the heck out of me.
    Does your school have lots of asians? Cause if I said any of these names at my old school, no one would’ve known what I was talking about..

    I have no idea which Kat-un boy you’re talking about :D I didn’t know any of them until I did this post. Which reminds me, I still need to try their latest single…..*runs off*
    Haha, nice person by person analysis.

  10. :DDD! Ooh I love this post <3.
    I must spam your comments section now.

    + Wu Zun is adorable, but … he can’t sing xDD.
    + I really love Takeshi Kaneshiro, lol. I think he speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese … and maybe a little English too. He’s a good actor, though!
    + WOOT FOR HANKYUNG. Lol the other boys must be jealous. YEAH WHERE IS SIWON?!
    + Kamenashi Kazuya — I’m not a fan of this guy lol. I really wonder where his bandmate (Akanishi Jin) is on this list! But I’m biased because Jin is like my favorite JE boy (or … more like the only JE boy I like, lol shhh don’t tell).
    + Hooray for Yunho :DD. I wish the other boys were in the top ten too.
    + AND YAY JAEJOONG!! Such a pretty boy <333. Walking kkhot mi nam <3.

  11. Spazzes:
    Lol, after you and Candychu both mentioned Akanashi Jin, I had to go look him up XD
    Imo, he’s the most attractive person in his group. I watched Kat-tun’s most recent MV on youtube. They are special :D (what’s with the eyeshadow???)

    I’m watching “Nobuta wo Produce” at the moment, and although I like the “vibe” that Kamenashi Kazuya’s character gives off, I don’t like his eyebrows. lol. I just don’t like how they’re all nicely plucked and shaped :S
    Yamashita Tomohisa, on the other hand, is ADORABLE in that drama.

    Oooh, and I also like Ryo, because he was just too good in “one litre of tears” <33

  12. :D I used to be crazy about Jin back in the day, lol. I still like him though! He’s got a very cute personality :*. (And he’s the only one who can sing in K-T. LOL.)

    I forgot about Ryo! I like him too. ‘One Litre Of Tears” is one of my favorite j-dramas <3.

  13. I am SO GLAD you’re watching “Nobuta wo Produce”.


    And yes, I quite agree. Kamenashi Kazuya’s character looks rather odd and much too feminine, even though he somehow exudes a masculinity that I find attractive. But Yamashita Tomohisa was my FREAKING FAVOURITE PART OF THE WHOLE DRAMA anyhow. I mean, the whole “kon/kahn/kawn” thing (or whatever it was. You know, that weird sign he constantly makes during the drama, followed by an equally weird saying in the nasalest of voices.) made me laugh out aloud OVER AND OVER. He is so much love, I won’t ever be able to take him seriously ever again.

    And isn’t the female actress amazing?! She offsets the overpowering testerone soooooo well! While watching the drama, I couldn’t hate her for acting with such pretty boys, when she’s the absolute cutest thing (after you get past the initial episode where she just looks like … the mini grim reaper/ a banshee. Hehe.)

  14. Finally someone put up more of the nominees…..

    When i first found out of this i thought it was a lil interesting that jaejoong came in first but then again it’s just me….

    it was kind of disappointed that only gennie was the only one who made out of all 12 other members…..

    i would have gone crazy if hae was on the top ^__^…

    but the results are okay i guess…i barely know any of the non koreans dude …so im not going to say anything about them…eheheh!

  15. Spazzes:
    Ryo was so so so so so cute in “1 litre of tears”. There were so many scenes in that drama where I wanted to hug him *—*
    I haven’t heard many Kat-tun songs, but I was watching a live performance by Kamenashi Kazuya, and Yamashita Tohohisa, and wow, great vocal control. I couldn’t tell the difference between the live performance and the recording. While the song wasn’t a particularly difficult one, imo, they did a great job (and I don’t even like J-pop, lol)

    I’m already half way through, lol. It’s 39 degrees(celcius)here, so I’m just staying at home with the air conditioning and watching dramas, haha.
    I feel the exact same way about Kamenashi Kazuya’s character. He doesn’t LOOK masculine, heck no, but he just gives off that “vibe”, which i find tres attractive :D
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Yamashita’s character, he is SO FREAKING CUTE, GAH. I just love the way he says “shuuuuuuuuuuuu-ji~”, SO CUTE. By the weird gesture, do you mean the one where he sorta has his pinky finger and index finger up, and kisses his hand?
    I don’t like the actress at the moment, she reminds me of the ghost thing in “the ring”. She’s had a haircut, but I just don’t like how she’s so quiet and walks with her head down everywhere. I’m sure that I’ll love her after a few more episodes though. Was the actress in Hanakimi? She looks like the actress in that, if it’s her, then I loved her acting in it, she was adorable :D
    Did you like the outfit that she wore after her uniform was ruined? I didn’t, lol. I like the top she had on underneath the blazer, but, no love for the blazer or the skirt :S

    I thought it was a bit strange that Jae got no.1. I was expecting a Chinese artist to get it, seeing as how it was a poll on a popular Chinese website. But I guess the DBSK fans are too good :D
    The only people I didn’t know, were the Japanese artists. But now I know two of them, thanks to Playmeagain, haha.

  16. eheh! i didnt know anthing about this until the results came out….so i couldnt vote anyways….

    totally sure Cassiopeians played a big role in getting both yunho and jaejoong to be in the top 10

  17. i luv yuo WU ZUN

  18. I love jerry yan and i’m so happy that he’s at the top part of the list. I’m a Filipina, so I can’t speak any chinese at all and so I do not know the most of the people in the list only Wu Chun because Hot shot was shown here and of course jerry yan who have managed to make filipinos love him even though we can’t understand him, thanks of course to Meteor garden which pretty much started the invasion of asian series here in our country. I so envy you guys for being near him. Well, s for us who love him here in the Philippines we pray that he’ll go here again t vit his millions of fans here.

  19. Yes! Jerry Yan & Vic Zhou made it to the list. =D I’m happy. I LOVE them both.

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