Posted by: potensvita | March 7, 2008

Pinkandsparkly will LOVE me, not that she doesn’t already. ^^

Pinkandsparkly will really love me more, if she can love me any more. I am trying really hard to find vids and stuff to be dumbstruck about CSJH, ZLY, BoA and yes, I had decided to cover YounHa too.

I bet everyone has definitely watched Star King when DBSK or SUJU went on it. The weirdest thing is, CSJH went on it too. Let me introduce what Star King is all about.

Star King is a variety show that invites the audience itself as the guest and the programme determinant. In another sense, it hopes that the extraordinary talents of society will emerge and then, come out with a great show.

I really love Star King, as this one of the variety shows that totally can bring joy and sometimes, tears to the audience. I remembered Hee Chul (Did I spell it correctly?) and Brian of FTTS crying in it.

I felt like jumping into the tv screen and huggging Brian. haha. Sparkly can have Hee Chul. ;P

Anyway, CSJH guest starred in one of the episode and before I leave spoilers to it, I will post a protective picture of Stephanie and Dana.

CSJH - Star King

PS : Dana was making fun of herself and Step came in the rescue. GOSH. so cute.

I will not embed any youtube vids here but I can give you the playlist by unspeakablecjbnet. Unspeakablcjbnet is also another subber group for CSJH, though I am very well aware that they only sub Korean goodies. Do give them a lot of support.

PS : if you dont like CSJH, watch at least for Kang In. He was one of the regulars in here.

ANYWAY, now to my favourite part of the post.


This episode was really good. I got to see many faces of CSJH compared to the usual active Stephanie only. It is known that variety shows like Stephanie. Hence, I was really happy when they All CAME ON.


In the beginning of the show, CSJH did an acapella in a squeaky voice while I was clamping my mouth shut so that I don’t wheeze through my clogged up air pipes, sounding like a monster.


I WAS LIKE ^__________^ this.

Contestant one was a group of ballerinas which rollerskated. I admit they were really scary. They were tying a rope thingy around them and using momentum, they managed to float two of their members in the air spinning. 0_0 I am not sure whether I am making sense but it really frightened me. It did the girls too.

A quote from Lee Jae Woo, formerly from HOT,

They are so young. Why did they do this?


Usually, I would like to spam more… but I think I have a limit. Getting tired already. lol.


    I love the CSJH girls, they’re so sweet and gorgeous *———*
    I never knew that they’d been on Starking, so now I must go watch it XD

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