Posted by: potensvita | March 8, 2008

BoA – Moon and Sunrise mp3

I had never really paid attention to this song when I was listening to her second Japanese album – Valenti.

But in her 06 BoA the LIVE concert which she had for her 20th birthday, I was surprisingly shocked to hear a song that I couldn’t recognise.

Credit : roflecakes @ youtube

Is it hers? The song I mean…. then, I went into hunting for the song.

It was one of her songs in Valenti.

This clip and the original Moon and Sunrise track (click here to listen to the original track) totally show you how far and how high she has climbed in her career.

I am really proud of her.



  1. bbe,im impressed(:

  2. I found her voice a little…strained in this song..
    But I can’t deny how hard she’s worked all these years, and she has amazing stage presence :D
    Thanks for sharing the .mp3, will go download it now~
    Btw, i love her hair *—* I think I’ll get mine dyed that colour next time…

  3. koreanchocolate

    i love the colour too.
    somehow, i felt that she isnt as vocally talented as CSJH or ZLY but it is her effort i guess.

  4. That song makes me cry. I mean… this Live version is making me cry. I heard the original version before. But it’s not that killing me like this version. I can feel the pain, the sorrow, the emotion through her voice.. She expressed it so well…. I mean.. I love this version so much. DO you have mp3 version of this Live version song? I have been looking for it… but i can’t find it… Could anyone help me?? I know a lot of people want this version too… (While looking for it, i saw a lot of people asking… but no one has…!!!)

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