Posted by: potensvita | March 9, 2008

The loss of a future good girl band

Nope. The tittle wasn’t there to catch your attention, more to voice my thoughts. They are to me a good girl band.


So, what is this all about?

There is one girl group that have been bugging my mind lately, and I can’t dismiss my thoughts about it. Posting here, I hope it can help me to clear my mind a bit.

I am going to talk about a girls group, KARA; they had debuted in the year of ’07 . ’07 was the year when a lot of girl groups debuted. Before this year, I could only remember vividly CSJH existing as the only girl group. Others were either breaking up or inactive.

Now, there is a chance that KARA is going to disband, as one of the vocals, Sung Hee has left to continue her studies. Click here to read about that. I have listened to their songs before and surprisingly, I liked each and everyone of them, not as much as CSJH because they are still newbies, and there wasn’t much news about them online that I could find.

I found a vid. that will blow you away about Sung Hee. She is singing a Mariah Carey song, My All. She is so fantastic.

Credit : pimkc @ youtube

But I was looking forward to them and was hoping that there would be more releases from them.
Maybe I am just all talk but I had uploaded an mp3 that I think works well with Kara’s voice. Click here to listen.

Click Here to watch them singing together LIVE.


  1. I watched the live performance!
    I was VERY impressed. For a new girls group, I think they did a wonderful job :D
    Admittedly, I’ve never heard the original song by Christina. But Christina is a hard act to follow.
    I think the girl in the yellow dress (on the right) has an amazing voice.
    These girls should get more promotion!

  2. uhhu, i agree.
    sigh. they are so underrated.

  3. Hm, seeing as you seem a bit distressed I had a bit of a youtube search on them and they do sound relatively decent! And thats seriously saying something, cos I have issues listening to female singers (>< Blame pinkandsparkly for assisting in sucking me into DBSK wonderland xD jksjks)

    Btw you also mentioned CSJH, any recommended songs? Ive heard about them but never seem to find a song to my liking

  4. pinkandsparkly
    see… pinkyandsparkly, you and words of persuasion. ;P


    i will do one post on CSJH’s song and then BoA, and then ZLY and then Younha.
    lol. but as for now, there is a song by Lina – Rock and Roll star and then, I will kiss you , 5cm (really love this song) . they are all the japanese song. I really… have much more to introduce but as of now, you can sample this songs and tell me what you think. ^^

  5. she’s pretty good….

    ive heard of this girlband but not much about them…

    i think a lot of them being underrated is due to the many artist debuting in 2007…(especially the girl bands)

    and plus because they are known as the “2nd generation” of finkl ..a lot of people dont think they can make it since they have to live it up to finkl…which i totally think it is crap…..

    and their company is one of the less popular ones…

    like wondergirls (i hope im not offending anyone) they are in jyp entertainment–one of the more popular ones but i dont think their vocals are that good and they are super popular….

    bwth……i hope there is a good future for them as other girl groups has had….

  6. You know a lot. lol. I know the wonder girls. Who doesnt? but to tell you the truth, I wont write anything about them because… I heard of them but I am not really that excited about them.
    And you aren’t offending me.

  7. Thanks for the those potensvita :) Frankly i really like 5cm. Tis my type of music cos I have a thing for repetitve rhythm

    I’ll Kiss You, i quite like, but it’s not something I’d listen to over and over….more like something I’ll turn on when I’m homeworking, cos it’ll make good background music. (Like when i give up on venn diagrams or something and pay attention to the surroundings….its a nice song to calm you down and stop you from stabbing your Applicable book)

    Rock and Roll star is pretty awesome for a solo song. For some reason I think of that solo jaejoong did on xman, but 5cm is definitely going onto my ipod *happy dances* YAYYY! I looketh forward to your future posts :)

  8. lol. gummydork, i really love your comment. lol. glad that i can help out. ^^

  9. same here….wondergirls is popular but nothing about them excites me either………

  10. ~hands over a candy~
    lol. ^^
    I know disliking something is bad… but I had to really say this girl group really gets to my nerves.
    nothing about them excites me. and I am a natural lesbo. (just kidding. :p)

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