Posted by: potensvita | March 9, 2008

Album Details Of I WILL

Apparently, yesasia had finally put a prize tag on the album.

Read here for more info.

Just to make it more beautiful. ^^ Zhang Li Yin’s official pic

News and pic source : ZLY community at LJ


  1. That is QUITE the beautiful pic. She looks so ethereal, I want to hunt down her Korean/Chinese stylists and make them transform me tooo. =P

  2. good luck in hunting them down and when you do… tell me their address and i will join u. ^^

    I have been trying to hunt down one of those long shirts for SO LONG, SO VERY VERY LONG.
    Btw, imo, they should’ve made THIS picture, the album cover. It PWNS the actual album cover.

  4. omg its FINALLY out on yesasia??
    about time =.=”

    now i can make my order ^^

    ps she looks sooo beautiful :)

  5. I love this pic the most out of all pic. haha.

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