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DBSK “Line Up” part 2

Credit: yuulina33 @ Youtube

Part 1 aired two weeks ago, so this is part 2 :D

The video I chose to embed is not part 1 of the show. It’s a cut of Changmin and Jae, running down the big slide. It’s not subbed, but imo, it’s one of videos that can make you LOL without knowing what they’re saying. At the start of the video, you see the MC telling Jae to choose a partner, to run down the big slide with him (I think that’s what he said). And Changmin tried to not get picked by Jae, by avoiding eye contact XDD. Jae picked him anyway, regardless of the obvious fact that Changmin can easily out-run him.

Needless to say, Changmin crossed the finish line first, and Jae, obviously not satisfied with the result, slapped Changmin’s back. And Changmin responded by taking his jacket off, and throwing it at Jae, and then continued hitting Jae, while the other members watched with a “yea, we see this everyday” espression. Sigh…SO MUCH LOVE XDDDDD

I’m going to wait (patiently) for Ginaya to sub this, but if you don’t want to wait for subs, then here are the youtube links:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

There are also a bunch of screen caps here

What I’m currently listening to: “First Love” – K-one

Ok, a few of you (ok, just 2) know who K-one are. They are FABULOUS dancers, and you can watch one of their MVs here


  1. haha. non-DBSK related, but I LOVE K-ONE!!!!!!!!!!! They’re like my favoritest Taiwanese boyband and their dancing is SHO AWESOME. I’m a bad fangirl, I know, but sometimes, I think their dancing rivals DBSK. Cause singularly they’re all REALLY REALLY great dancers, and you get to see more variety on Taiwanese variety shows than the paces that Yunho is usually put through and the rest of DBSK don’t really freestyle that much at all.

    It’s like this…
    Changmin: *not me not me not me*
    Jae: *muahahah* Changmin!
    Changmin: …
    Yunho: *come on, it’s ur turn to shine*
    Then theyre at the top and Jae is practically stumbling down…*pulls out arm to stop Changmin*
    *Changmin turns his head thinking ‘You’re kidding right?’*
    LOL Jae is such a dork xD
    I love how they jus tkeep running and abusing each other ^^ I’m glad the Jaemin couple is getting more and more exposed coz I was starting to feel sorry for Changmin (even tho he has me) coz I was watching AADBSK2 disc 5 and just in the first CF theres a lot of JaeHo and YooSu and Changmin is just on the floor by himself O_O
    oh and btw I was also about to ask you ‘you listen to Kone too?’ I don’t haha but I watched … crap wats that series called ? um the star apple one with ming dao and it had one of the Kone members xD I forget their names LOL

  3. Nanshi:
    You’re fast, I just posted this :D
    Yes, I think K-One are all AMAZING dancers. Like you said, individually, they’re all awesome, and together, they’re just this one big ball of awesomeness, lol.
    DBSK are also awesome, of course. But, videos of them free-styling, are so so so rare, I think I would be able to find more clips of the Suju boys free-styling. The dances they perform are usually to promote whatever single/album they’re currently selling :S I WANNA SEE MORE FREESTYLE ;____;
    I also prefer TW variety shows, I just find them funnier, although that could be because of the obvious language barrier…

  4. Candychu:
    Haha, you posted your comment at the same time as me! Cos I didn’t see it when I was replying to Nanshi :D
    I love Jae-min together, they’re so….childish, lol XD I mean that in the nicest possible way :D
    Apparently, lots of the Changmin shots you see in the preview weren’t included in the actual show. He always gets cut :(
    Yes, I listen to K-one! Actually, I listen to a really really REALLY wide range of artists XD
    Ooo, star apple? I watched one episode, then got too annoyed by the actresses, and stopped. haha. I think the one you’re referring to is Li yang? He writes nice songs. anyway. I loved Gino from frog-prince <33

  5. I LOOOOOOOOOVE Liyang. I have one pic of Jaejoong that looks EXACTLY LIKE LiYang. He’s my favorite cause he’s SUCH a pretty boy. And I love Gino too. He’s a GREAT leader and he’s soooooooooo filial too (he visits his mom all the time) and he’s such a sweetheart. He always plays the badboy, but he is SUCH a sweet and nice guy. I like Korean variety shows more because their production values are higher so they tend to have more elaborate sets and more “fun,” but Taiwanese shows can be great because their hosts sometimes are SOOO witty (I used to LOVE Zhang San Wei on Wan Quan Yu Le, but then he got kicked out) and even though Korean variety shows are funny too, sometimes, I can’t help but feel that a lot is lost in translation (even because of subs) and that there’s more “cultural and historical” things that are being mentioned (like JJ and Yunho’s problem with their accents and dialects? Yeah. I can’t hear it at all…). And Xiao Zhu and Xiao Gui?!?!??!?! OMGGGGGGG Funny x 100000000. I like Xiao Gui more. OMG that reminds me. WATCH THIS:
    Xiao Zhu and Xiao Gui get FREAKED OUT by Tickle Me Elmo. It’s brilliant!!!!

  6. Nanshi:
    Liyang is so so so prettttyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Idk, he reminds me of Donghae.
    I think my favourite K-one boy would be Darren,because I really love his voice~
    OMG, you watched Wan Quan Yu Le?? I used to watch almost every episode of that!!!! I LOVED the Ren-fu Shan wei days. I liked the Ren-fu Shao-wei days too actually (used to be a BIG 5566 fan) But I don’t watch it anymore, i don’t follow the TW entertainment industry so closely now.
    I think that some of the humour from the Korean variety shows really does get lost in translation. Eg. I remember watching Starking (or maybe it was YSMM) and the guests were all in hysterics, but I just failed to find anything funny.
    Lol, I went and watched the clip, THEY ARE SO FUNNY XDDD. I love how they were like “OMG IT STOOD UP, IT STOOD UUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, and you see the innocent tickle me elmo just standing there, laughing. lol XD

  7. I can’t tell you HOW happy I am that the boys’ level of maturity has not yet surpassed that of mine, because honestly, that’s exactly what I’d be doing under the same set of circumstances. This is only exacerbated by my evident lack of shame in typing this out for all to see. Heeee. xD

    I especially <3 Changmin’s first hitback after Jae slaps him. It was rather frightening actually, especially when his hit looked as if it had the potential to break every single one of Jae’s bones. It was such a smackdown, I was totally going : “Jae, if you don’t stop now, you’re never going to survive to see the light of day. xD)

    And imma thinking that I should check out K-One after reading all the worship preceding this comment. I’ve never bothered to before, after being scarred by Fahrenheit’s lack of vocality (although Arron has the most potential. Wu zun should just stand there and look pretty, but NEVER OPEN HIS MOUTH, because I always forget my love for him upon hearing his voice), but Nanshi (oh critical one :P) AND you like them, so they MUST be somewhat good.

  8. ginaya had it subbed already… though there were three parts only.

  9. Playmeagain:
    Hhahaha, did you see the History in Japan screencap that i just posted? the one with Jae making…special…faces at the camera? he is SUCH a kid.
    Lol, Changmin hitting jae reminded me of their couple talk in AADBSK2 XD
    Hmm, yes, you should go youtube K-One. They’re not the best singers, probably Suju’s level (excluding K.R.Y) but, their dancing is amazing.
    Ugh, i used to love Fahrenheit (for like, 2 months) Aaron has a lot of potential (though i was not impressed by his recent duet) and Wu zun, omg, when I see him, it’s like *sings hallelujah chorus*, but then he SINGS, *plays Death march*, sigh…such a pity…thus proving that beauty and brains (or vocals?) rarely go together. Thus why I can’t sing. HAAAHAAAAAAA. I love me.

    Thanks <33
    Ginaya is so FAST, omg.

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