Posted by: potensvita | March 11, 2008

Is BoA ready to debut AGAIN?

I love this girl to bits. She sings, she dances and my friends buy me tours and albums of her for my birthday.

Who is this girl?

Be With You

BoA <3

But however, when I heard news of her having plans to debut with an English album, I have my doubt. I don’t even think she is planning anymore. She apparently had recorded an English album in Thailand.

I have a video of her singing in english for her recent LIVE Xmas concert. Oh, yeah… I had forgotten that the supposedly English album is supposed to be released in May. If you ask me, I miss her Korean music more. TT

Credit : idealise @ youtube.

What do you think?


  1. No. I’m sorry! I can see that you’re a fan of her’s… and I am, obviously, not. Even if I *was*, I would still have to admit that BoA’s English skills and interpersonal skills have a looong way to go. Yeah, she sparks up onstage and is really charismatic and has great stage presence, but that’s ONLY when she’s performing. Otherwise — especially in settings where she’s uncomfortable with the language and/or the people — she tends to be really shy and quiet and looks really cold. Some people say (and I tend to agree) that during the time when your social skills are developed — teenage years and such — BoA was thrown into the showbiz environment, which isn’t very conducive for cultivating social skills. Which is why she seems so quiet and unapproachable all the time. Plus, her English is going to be one MAJOR block for her. No offense…!

  2. none taken.^^

  3. have u heard her last album? yeah atleast her english ability has increased!
    I’m waiting for English album!! SO SO SOSOSOSOSOS

  4. the face? yeah, I heard…. ^^

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