Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 11, 2008

Junsu, the English teacher

Credit: ziggysight @ Youtube

I really need to continue start my reading (70 pages left before my lecture tomorrow, and it’s nearly 12am, OMG) But I can’t help it, Youtube is ADDICTIVE. Seriously, it’s like a drug, and there’s no rehab for it XD

This is just a cut, taken from DBSK’s FITB concert DVD. I own the DVD, but I had never seen this before O.O although that’s probably because I didn’t watch the special footage stuff, because I couldn’t understand anything XD Anyway. This cut is of Junsu, teaching everyone what “Long time no see” means in Japanese.

Junsu’s answer was…special ^——–^

My favourite part of the video, was seeing the 4 DBSK boys standing on one side, and Junsu standing by himself, all alone XDD (It looked like they were ganging up on him, haha)

What I’m currently listening to: “Hesitate” – Akanishi Jin

Ok, STUDY……………………..


  1. Ahahahahahahahahahaha. I’m still not finished laughing. That clip is SO MUCH LOVE, especially the proud and satisfied look on Junsu’s face at the end after NOT EVEN COMING CLOSE TO THE REAL MEANING.

    This was made funnier by one particular clip (I can’t remember which, because I’m incredibly disorganized and forgetful! But I think it was for some program called WIDE?) where Junsu was showing off his ENGLISH PROWESS, proving he could spell A-P-P-L-E and all that good stuff, and I was slightly cheering him on and slightly wanting to correct his pronounciation. But here, his Japanese backfires on him, because somehow he makes it out so that LONG TIME NO SEE becomes DON’T LOOK SO LONG. Omigawwd, lost in translation has never been SO TRUE. Ahahahaha.

    Of course, I shouldn’t insult him any longer, because if it were me in that position, LONG TIME NO SEE would be translated into some obscure and far-fetched phrase that would even embarrass SPECIAL PEOPLE LIKE ME, such as, idk, APPLES ARE GOOD TO EAT or something like that. XD

  2. ROFL. Junsu is so adorable lol. He appeared to know exactly what he was talking about (but then and again, literal translations never work out xD) and at the last minute: “Dont look so long” LMAO. His attempt at translations reminded me of my attempts at translating french into english. xD

  3. lol leave him alone he is korean lol jk

  4. Playmeagain:
    Junsu is so SPECIAL :D
    They should have a “DBSK know their English idioms” game, and they should each be given words to translate from english to Japanese/Korean. Can you just imagine the crack that would come out of that XDD
    Direct translations are sooooooo funny. Somehow, I got “man eats baby” from this French sentence which actually said something along the lines of granfather,grandaughter relationship XD I AM SPECIAL TOOOO

    He looked so proud of himself!!
    Oo you speak French? WE CAN HAVE A SECRET CONVERSATION IN FRENCH :DDD Except I only know how to introduce myself, and give orders, so that could make a very interesting conversation ^^;;;

    Lol, I make fun of him because I love him <333 I really don’t have any right to make fun of him, cos I bet his english vocab astronomically exceeds my French vocab, haha.

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