Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 11, 2008

Unseen “Line up” Changmin cut

Credit: berlala11 @ Youtube

Um…what did Changmin do to the PDs at SBS? Because it seems to me, like every time DBSK appear on a show, Changmin’s part will get cut. Next time he should just stay home, at least then he’ll get some rest. =.=

Changmin appears at 3:44. The game that they’re playing resembles long jump, except I think in this game, you have to try and hop as far as you can (?). Anyway, Changmin totally PWNed the MCs. Such nice long legs *————–* Him and Siwon should have a long jump competition, because SIWON CAN FLY. No joke. [He should try out for Batman *—-*. Hang on, does Batman fly? Or is it only Spiderman who flys?]

See, if I had to do that hop thing, I would’ve ended up in a very painful position in the sandpit. Difference between a klutz and a normal person XD

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  1. omg this is soo weird.
    like a few minutes ago i just posted another blog complaining about how changmin gets cut…then i come onto ur blog and uve just posted a clip of his cut!

  2. it was cut probably because changmin won by a mileeee. there was basically no competition at all! but i hope someone will be kind enough to sub this. i am more interested with the ending bit though ‘_’ if my limited korean doesn’t fail me, i thought i heard him mentioning ‘France’ somewhere there.

  3. Yea, the second part of Line Up really disappointed me only because the boys didn’t have much screentime -_-. And it’s strange because in the first part of Line Up, they had shown Changmin doing the long jump in the next episode and so I was anticipating for it only to realize that my minnie had been cut T_T. On a happier note, I liked the footage of them in their locker room and plotting to purposely “lose” so they could go home lol. And yes, Changmin was literally like flying…man those legs are hella long.

  4. ok i finally watched it coz morning = off peak
    and wat can i say…changmin is amazing making it even harder for me to understand why this was cut.
    but anyway.
    i loved how the MCs jumped from the white line but Changmin started from way behind and still hopped straight into the sandpit. and yes..he was flying ^_________^ i love his legs !!!! *kekeke*

  5. Candychu:
    Great minds think alike ;)
    Changmin is a kangaroo xP
    I don’t understand why his sections keep getting cut, they’re actually quite funny (well, I always find them funny). Dw, one day I will work for SBS, and I will air EVERYTHING :DDDDDDDDDDD


    I was quite disappointed too :(
    I didn’t like the show very much, to be honest. I didn’t get some of the jokes, and there were too many MCs ^^;;;;
    Happy Together, on the other hand, was FUNNNNYYYYYY

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