Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 12, 2008

Keyword/Maze – No.6 on Oricon

Credit: Baidu JJ Bar

I uploaded the screencap made by Baidu JJ Bar, cos I couldn’t be bothered going to the Oricon website and making my own screencap ^^;; (I just spent 3 hours reading about the Cartesian Perspectivism, so don’t judge me xP)

Honestly, I thought that Jae’s single would be higher on the chart.But I’m still happy that he got in the top 10 :DDD Let’s hope that it’ll appear in the Top ten for the Oricon weekly chart ^—^

So I guess T.R.I.C.K is finally over. Now we’ll just have to sit back and wait for AVEX to release a big box of all their singles combined…

So which TRICK single do you like most? Personally, my favourite TRICK single is Junsu’s. It’s mainly because none of the actual Trick songs “wow”ed me, and Junsu’s Rainy Night is my favourite Premium Live song <3

DBSK’s new Japanese single “Beautiful You”, will be released on the 30th of next month. I’ll do another post on it when I find a preview. Yesasia already has it up for pre-order.

Here’s the Jae sticker that came with his single: [If you want to see it bigger, do NOT left click on the picture, right click on it and choose “view image”]

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