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SuJu Fanmeeting – Fan accounts

Thank you Sides. @ Soompi, for translating these Korean fan accounts!!!!

Fanmeeting summary from various Korean fan accounts

they played a couple game and the pairings were kibum ryeowook, heechul shiwon, shindong donghae, hyukjae kyuhyun, yesung hangeng, and kangin sungmin, with teuk as the MC
the game was where they get one newspaper each and each of the couples stand on it and they fold the newspaper smaller and smaller until the teams can’t do it anymore
kibum and ryeo were the first to lose LOLLLLLL the fan said that kibum ended up pushing ryeo off the newspaper or something rofllllllllllll lol we saw the shichul pics already, and shindong gave hae a piggyback , kyu gave hyukjae a piggyback, kang was piggybacking min and then he just flung min over his shoulders or something LOL
hyuk and kyu lost after that and then yeh and geng, and kang&min and shindong&hae were the last teams left. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL they were supposed to name their final poses and kangmin’s was “touching people” ROFLGLFOLOL they said kang was lift-hugging min with his hand on his butt or something lolll. shindong and hae did the thing that eunhae did in the bboy challenge where hae runs up to shindong and the jump-hugs onto him omg CUUUUUUUUTE <3 but not so cute because they said it was like the sliding-cellphone position so hae kept SLIDING up and down or something WTFFF obscene-a-licious………. anyways shindong and hae ended up winning the game

they also answered a few questions before the game,
for the member who is always conscious of the fans?
kang won because even after he sleeps in the car he touches up his hair, etc.

for the member who always comes out late?
first it was teuk, but now it’s hae. LOL they said that since teuk and hae are now roommates, hae caught the teuk-virus. they said teuk now comes out early and just sleeps in the car awwwwww. hae said that he would start packing his clothes and his bag earlier now, and heech/kang was like “THE COORDI TAKES CARE OF YOUR CLOTHES ANYWAYS!!” lollllllll

for the member who cries the least?
it was min and the fans all yelled sungmin’s name haha. he said when he’s really happy he just laughs a lot instead of crying

after the couple game they split up into the suju team which was kang, min, hae, shindong, shiwon, heech
and the ELF team which was bum, ryeo, hyukjae, kyu, yesung, and geng
and they played the dondondondon game, which is like the tingtingtangtang name game.
it ended up being shiwon and kibum and shiwon lost so the ELF team won. the losers had to drink the “punishment juice” but min drank a little and no one else drank it, but kang pretended to drink it when he really drank orange juice LOLLL and then shiwon said it was his fault they lost so he just did a oneshot on the rest of it and heech was like “jeeeez he always pretends he’s all great and hot when he’s the one who made the mistake anyways” LOLOL

they watched a few never before seen videos and pictures after, some fan UCCs, and then the members read their letters~


ok so the order they read the letters was ryeowook, yesung, shindong, hangeng, kangin, heechul, hyukjae, donghae, sungmin, kibum, shiwon, kyuhyun, and teuk.

they basically went randomly and whoever wanted to go next just went, but they ended esp w/ teuk <3

LOL ok so the fans and both yesung keep giggling during his which is why he said he didn’t know why he was laughing in the middle.
after kang’s the MC was like “it sounds like we’re listening to radio” and kang was like IT’S BECAUSE I’M THE #1 DJ!!
during heechul’s when he forgot geng in his list of suju members the fans started screaming and then heech said “HANKYUNG I’M SORRY” in his geng imitation voice hahaHHAHA
hyukjae’s makes pretty much no sense as a translation because he said that if he wrote an actual letter he thought he was going to cry so he wrote it as a rap instead awwwwwwwwwww <3 after he’s done he says he was SO nervous that he thinks he rapped badly, and the other members tell him to reread it slowly and then after kang tries to imitate his rapping.
when the MC says it’s hae’s turn he’s like “umm… everyone mine is kinda long~” and then shindong is like “OK EVERYONE WE’LL SEND THIS TO YOU GUYS BY MAIL” and then ryeowook is like “wow that really IS long” lolllllll and after his first line about ELF being suju’s gf, the fans cheer and he’s like “the beginning is good”
lol and then the mc said that min asked what the order was and that min probably wants to go next. and then min says that his is kinda long too and shindong is like “then read yours as a rap too” LOLLLLLLLLLL min’s letter is TOTALLY in his aegyo style rofl and after min is done kang is like “YESUNG WHY ARE YOU BEING LIKE THAT” and yesung is like “the reaction was so different from mine…….” ahahah
lol right before kibum’s heechul is like “i’m REALLY looking forward to yours” LOL and then shindong is like “don’t tell me you wrote yours as a rap too” ROFLL and for some reason all the fans keep laughing in between bum’s because his has so much repetition since it was written like a poem awwww
when it’s shiwon’s turn heechul is like “YOU DIDN’T WRITE YOURS TO JESUS DID YOU?” and then shiwon is like “i was going to, but i didn’t!!” and then heechul is like “OK THANKS” LOLOLOLOL and after shiwon reads his letter heechul is like “everyone be happy within God’s arms!!!!” and everyone is like ROFL and then heechul is like “it says it right here in his p.s.!!!!!!! LOLLLL

I cry that I will never be at any of their fanmeetings ;______________;

I love how Eunhyuk wrote his as a rap, he is so ADORABLE *—-* And LOL at Shindong telling everyone that they’ll send Donghae’s letter by mail XD SEND ME A COPY!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOOVE how Siwon always mentions God. Like in the 2nd album “thank you” section, he was the only one to have a Bible verse in his message (I think it was from Ephesians, not sure) and it was just so CUTE – although it did look kind of weird, cos next to the message, was a picture of him with his chocolate abs XDDD Sorry, I just get really incoherent when I see these sorts of things (cos I’m a Christian), I remember watching DBSK accepting an award, and Junsu said “We’d like to thank God, for giving us the ability to sing and dance” I nearly yanked my friends arm off XDD (She was sitting next to me, talking on her mobile) I was just like “LOOOOOOOOK, MY ASIAN BOYS ARE CHRISTIANS, HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”. Wow, I just got totally off-topic. In conclusion, I love Siwon. Ok, the end.

I’ve also found the translation of the letters that they wrote to the ELVES (yes, I know it’s ELF, but “ELFs” sound so icky) But I’ll post that up in a separate post, later tonight, maybe. Edit: I’ve posted up the letters here

What I’m currently listening to: “Pure Love” – ZLY [I know potensvita is covering ZLY news, but I have to say, that when I heard the song for the first time, I thought the male voice was Fahrenheit’s Arron]

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much recently, I’ve been really busy with school :( I promised my mother that I won’t let blogging get in the way of school, so I’ve had to cut down on the stalking time ^^;;;;; So thanks for still coming here, and thanks to those who comment!! I looooooooove reading your comments, totally makes my day <333


  1. OMG *incapable of breathing* WHY??????????????????????????????????

    ohh so those sichul pics were recent! lol…damn i really wanna see this in the form of a HQ video…someone please answer my prayers ^^

  2. fan meeting…. i’m not there :(
    piggybacking…..cute ^-^
    cellphone postition……OMG *0*

  3. hello! I just want to say a big thank you to you for taking time out to update your blog so frequently despite your busy schedule! your blog is really enjoyable to read!

  4. ……Cellphone position *_______*

    Lol. I wish that I could go for one of the fanmeets. ;____;

  5. I LOOOOOOVE ZEM!!!! OMGOSH. I LOOOOOVE SHIWON’S (all caps! look!). And yes, the Bible verse was from Ephesians. It’s something about grace. I can’t remember it right now (I’m SOO bad when it comes to remembering Bible verses), but yeah, it’s super sweet.! Junsu’s supposedly a really devout Christian too, and so’s Yunho (hehe! they pray before eating!). haha. they’re so cute.

  6. Candychu:
    Hmm, I wonder if SM filmed this event..
    They probably did, and will release it when they do a “All about Super Junior” =.=;;
    I KNEW Teuk and Donghae shared a room, everyone kept saying that Teuk and Heechul share a room, but on Change, you see all these pictures of Donghae in their room, so yea, I was right :D

    I wish I could go to one of these fan meetings :( Except, I wouldn’t be able to understand anything ^^;;; But it would be nice to see them in person :D

    Aww, thank you <333
    I’m trying to keep this updated, but yea, school ruins everything ;___;
    Thank you for your encouraging comment :D

    I really really reaaaaaally want to watch an HQ video of this….the fan accounts are making it sound so interesting *—-*

    I LOVE SIWON’S TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I saw a photo of Junsu, at his baptism,it was very sweet~
    I read somewhere, that all the Suju boys are Christians, except for Kangin, Hangeng, and Heechul. And I think 4/5 DBSK boys are (Changmin’s a Buddhist, I think)I’m such a stalker, haha.
    Aww, Yunho and Junsu pray before they eat? THAT’S SO ADORABLE <333

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