Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 14, 2008

Contents of Eunhyuk and Donghae’s bag

Credit: symbelmyn @ Youtube

Part 2

Thank you Querubin, for the heads up :D

I saw this posted on youtube, but I didn’t watch it because it isn’t subbed. But then today, Querubin left me a comment telling me that I had to see this, so I did, and I’m very glad I did :D

Basically it’s a cut of Eunhyuk and Donghae, on a show hosted by SDY(!!). The guests had to present their bags, and SDY had a nice little time rummainf through them XD

Eunhyuk’s bag:

Eunhyuk had a Rubix cube…with the faces of Suju-T on it XD (I wish I had one, it may just motivate me to actually complete a rubix cube, for once). Eunhyuk also had this weird massage stick thing (I actually thought that it was a toy microphone), nail clippers (not sure why he carries them around), a pair of scissors, wallet (Gucci, very nice, I approve ;) )a mysterious clear case, deodorant, and a notebook with rap lyrics.

Donghae’s bag:

He had a SQUISHY PILLOW :D It reminded me of Pudding Dog, because it’s yellow~ Donghae also had this strange air freshener (I really liked the “cchhh” noise it made, haha), wallet (his wallet had “Donghae” printed on it :|), TWO bottles of cologne – one looked like a Bvlgari one – , toothbrush (so hygienic :D), and a bottle which contained green liquid – it looked like spinach juice, bleeeh.

Looking at their stuff has inspired me to record the things in my own bag, so….

Pinkandsparkly’s bag: (I have no life, I know)

Cell phone with a weird monkey hanging off it, wallet, Kleenex, ipod, gum, Suju planner, house keys, French book, image analysis book, pink Mickey Mouse pencil case, muesli bar, dried cranberries, mirror, Dior Addict Ultra-shine, Chanel lipgloss(#65, in case you’re wondering xP), Lancome Juicy Tube [ihavetoomanylipglossesformyowngood], bus timetable, and Nintendo DS.

Wasn’t that enlightening? ;)

What’s in your bag?

What I’m currently listening to: “Hesitate” – Akanishi Jin [I have it on repeat, HEEEHEEEE]


  1. HEY ur listening to akanishi jin ^^
    hmmm….wat was in my bag about twenty minutes ago…
    wallet, mp3, mobile phone with teddy hanging off it, keys, bus/train pass, pencil case, TWO calculators, a packet of pens (which i bought this morning xD), water bottle, udon (LOL nong shim, in case ur wondering :P – i bought from the korean shop while waiting for my bus xD), updated economics 2008 textbook :D
    omg if u didn know better ud think i was a nerd eh? :P

  2. Candychu:
    TWO calculators? Hang on, I had two for my exams too, lol
    Yes, I LOVE Jin, he is SO HOT, HOMG.
    Have you seen the interivew that he was on, near the end of last year? HE IS SO FUNNY AND CUTE AND ALL THINGS NICE :DDDDDD
    You must watch it, it’s got subs:

  3. I have favourited the clip and I’ll be sure to watch it after my exams ^^ especially coz Youtube is wayyyy too addictive…I only stick to the 5 minute clips :P
    And I STILL cant get over Junsu napping xDD

    And yes he is oh-so-cute :P He’s got such a pretty face too *dies*

  4. hey that was a good idea! oh and i think hyukkies clear case contained a toothbrush too. yeah if i had a suju rubix cube maybe i’d actually try and solve it lolz.

    My bag is a fake lesportsac with coloured elephants which i bought in bangkok because it reminded me of jaejoong XD my friend and i bought the exact same design cos we’re both jj fans wahaha XD

    contents. big black wallet, a bunch of toiletries (shampoo,conditioner,facewash,lotion,pads,-cos we’re going out of town for the weekend lolz), tissue, a big ass comb for thick hair, music/vid player, a bunch of draft papers, and 3 flashdrives (cos you never know when you can go online and download kpop clips mwahaha XD), cellphone charger, keys, meds, 2 small notebooks and a purple pen and a black pen. oh and a face shop lip balm. cos i heart kwon sang woo oppa too mwahaha XD

    my phone is kinda plain nothing hanging from it and its old school, era-LHL in anystar. but they are starting to sell the junsu anyband phone here :)

    way too much info wahaha XD

    Nice makeup there too <3. I can’t wear makeup because it makes my face break out :(. I can deal with moderate lipstick though, which I wear once in a while so I don’t look completely dead. LMAO.

    My bag (is way less interesting than yours): wallet, keys, ipod, stationary, sketchbook, calculator. I’M SO LAMEEEEEEEE.

  6. Candychu:
    Yes, you must watch it.
    Omg, Junsu sleeping *——* He looked so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute <333333
    Haha, you still have exams *points and laughs* I’m so nice and sympathetic xP

    The longest time that I have spent on a Rubix cube, is about….1.3 minutes? XD I get VERY impatient.
    Your bag sounds CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE, I want to steal it XP
    LOL at you taking your flash drive with you XDDDDD But yes, you never know when they’ll be needed ;) I sooo regret not taking my USB with me to school the other day, I could’ve downloaded SO MANY GOODIES using the school’s massive bandwith, hehehe
    Hope your trip goes well! I wish I could go on a trip right now, anything to escape school =.= I’m so studious, lol.

    Haha, I carry the planner with me to school everyday, but I rarely take it out to record assignments, I’m too scared of being labeled a social retard, lol XD
    I don’t normally wear foundation/power, it makes me breakout like craaazy, I only use it when I have to (say, for my highschool formal). But I do wear lipgloss, eyeliner, and mascara. It’s all lightly applied of course, not a huge fan of the drag-queen look :P
    Haha, another person to carry around a calculator, I feel so blonde compared to all you smart people, lol. But, in my defense, I have to say that I carry around a textbook on ocularcentrism and Semiotics, which is probably nerdier than a calculator, lol XD

  7. i want the planner =n=
    but anyways in my bag i have a wallet, water, a suju pencil bag with makeup in it, makeup(uh duh), a big bag of change, sunglasses, my cell, my ipod, suju’s newest cd(don’t know why it’s in there)and eye drops. oh and a bunch of hairpins lining the bottom. yay!!! ^-^

  8. Cholalola:
    The pictures are nice ;)
    Oo, you carry your makeup with you? Idk why, but i’ve never gotten into the habit of doing that…I tend to do my make up at home though, cos i find it trick (and sorta embarrassing) doing it on the bus (cos I only wear eye makeup) ^^;;;
    I don’t know why I have three lip glosses in my bag :| I think I just keep throwing them in there, forgetting that there are already other ones in there XD
    I carry eye drops with me too :D (I have it in my pencil case) cos I wear contact lenses, and it helps :D

  9. I have multiple bags for church, school, piano lessons, etc etc. XD

    And none of my bags are the cute kind – they’re more like the sturdy, “dont’ break on me, now” kind, because I carry half-a-million books with me EVERYWHERE, which does wonders for my back, and which I believe is currently stunting my growth. XD

    But yes, anyway, on a regular school day (when I’m not on break), I carry two calculators (don’t judge me, OKAY?! XD), makeup kit (with lipgloss, lotion, hand-mirror, debit card, money, receipts, etc etc. I don’t carry a wallet around, because I’m special. XDDDD), my collection of textbooks and binders (which collectively, arrives at a weight that is HALF MY WEIGHT, I KID YOU NOT), my pencil case WITH my flash drive in it, my lunch, my keys, my ipod, and a crapload of garbage. XDDDD

    I set the standard for NERD, as is evident.

  10. Playmeagain:
    I too, am guilty of having too many bags XD I tell mum that they’re all necessary though, haha.
    Hmm, I don’t have any cute bags either….I don’t really like cute bags, or small bags. Someone gave me a LV as a present, and it is TINY. It can only fit a wallet, and MAYBE a phone, SO unpractical.

    Why do you need TWO calculators? Hang on, I think I used to carry two around too XDDD But, that’s only because one was a scientific calculator, and one was a graphics calculator (those ones that you can do EVERYTHING on). I think my old school bag was WAY nerdier than yours. From memory, I had: books, stationary, lunch box, glasses (even though I normally wear contacts), school diary, sandwich from a year ago, and school jumper. I didn’t any sort of makeup or gadget (excluding my calculators). I was such a nerd ;_______;

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