Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 14, 2008

DBSK “Challenge 5!” Ep.6

Credit: eternalmerkamoon2 @ Youtube

They had to kneel on a balance ball for 1 minute :D

Micky went first, and…he’s definitely not a ballerina XD

Genius-boy Changmin went next, and he managed to stay on for 58 seconds, 2 seconds off from succeeding ^^;;

Jae’s arm movements reminded me of a bird, an injured bird XD Idk, he just looked really awkward, lol.

Junsu was the only one to succeed. I think him and Changmin were the only ones to SIT on the ball, the rest of the boys knelt, so that would’ve made it harder for them to balance ^——^

Yunho didn’t get to have a fair go, cos the boys were all distracting him and trying to push him off, but I think he would’ve fallen off before 60 seconds, just because he looked so awkward…

I’m not sure if you’ve tried this before, but it’s actually really hard, well, I always find it hard, but maybe that’s because I have no sense of balance. ^^;;; Somehow, I always manage to fall off, just from SITTING on it XD

Watching this reminded me of the time on EHB, when SDY attempted the balance ball, and failed XD And then he got Siwon to attempt it, hoping that Siwon would fail and look really bad, but Siwon handled it like a pro :DDD

I’m going to miss these challenges. I guess they won’t be filming these anymore, seeing as how the TRICK singles have all been released…. It’s nice to see the boys fooling around :D

What I’m currently listening to: “Hesitate” – Akanishi Jin


  1. I watched this and LOLed right through
    I think it must’ve really hurt Jae when he flapped around and landed on his knee O_O or maybe I imagined him to land on his knee?
    And I loved how Junsu did a funny dance on the boy only to stack it…but he quickly collected himself haha…and I really LOVE CHANGMIN’S JUMPER XDDDD just coz it makes me crack up everytime. he seriously looks like a stick. a stick with four twigs attached to it. and a very pretty flower up the top ^__________^
    okay that is a VERY odd image…

  2. Yes, candycandycandycandychuuuuuu, the image I have of your description (which I’m lol-ing SO HARD AT right now. XD) of Changmin’s appearance is … leaving me speechless. SOMEHOW, in my messed-up head, I’m seeing some creature from A Bug’s Life. XDDDDDD (Geeee … I wonder how that happened?!?)

    Hehe. All the boys looked supremely awkward. Micky seems to have … no sense of balance whatsoever. XD And Changmin dwarfed the ball, which I found insanely cute. Jae just looked incredibly awkward, and Junsu … has a big butt?! What else can I say about this!??! Plus, Jae’s pants were SO TIGHT on him, I felt awkward watching, so I fast-forwarded the vid til the part where he leaped off the ball and out of the frame. XD

    And pooooor Yunho; being kicked off the ball would not bode well with me. I think I’d go crazy and try to attack any of the boys if they ever did that to me (not that that’ll EVER happen lol, but one can dream. XD)

  3. omg LMAO A bug’s life. actually I was starting to picture a stick insect O_O and i HATE those…*shudder*
    LOL no sense of balance XD reminds me of Kibum…you know Yoochun is kinda like Kibum…kinda :P
    LOL I was NOT looking at Jae’s pants. I wasn;t even looking at changmins!! I guess I am innocent after all :P

  4. Candychu:
    You are special, but dw, I’m praying for you xP
    LOL at your Changmin model. Gummydorkand I are going to build a model of Changmin from pieces of DBSK-chewed gum, which we will be able to get from the secret detective that we hire XDDDD

    Jae’s pants????? I didn’t pay any attention to his pants ^^;;;; Will go look now, XD
    Apparently, those balance balls are really great for ab workouts. Too bad I fall off every time I sit on one….

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