Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 14, 2008

Jae recording “Insa”

Credit: eternalmerkamoon2 @ Youtube

A few days ago, playmeagain (a lovely cyber friend of mine) wrote a fantastic post on this song(read it here), and ever since then, I’ve had it on repeat (all four versions *—–*). So when I found this video, I was very “LET’S ALL HAVE A PARTY WITH LOTS OF SUGAR” about it XD

It’s just a 56second cut of Jae recording “Insa”, and it doesn’t sound drastically different to the actual song, seeing as how the full recording only has minimal instrumental accompaniment, but, idk, his voice just sounds so “raw” here, it’s nice. :D

Now I’ll have FIVE versions of this song, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

What I’m currently listening to: “Pinky” – Akanishi Jin [I AM OBSESSED, HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE]


  1. ARE YOU GETTING OBSESSED WITH AKANISHI JIN. ARE YOU. That’s pretty awesome because he’s a very, very awesome boy <3. Have you seen the concert performance of ‘Pinky’? It’s totally amazing fanservice and omg they’ll never live it downnnnnn.

    Oh yeah, I finally understand your web addresses, “I Mop”, “I Sweep” :DDD. It’s sad it took me this long to get it, but I GET IT OMG AREN’T YOU PROUD OF ME???? :DDDDD!

  2. Spazzes:
    OMG PINKY PERFORMANCE!!!!Oh it was amazing ♥_____♥
    I was a bit “….” at how there were only male back-up dancers though, lol
    I want to do a pimp post on him, but grr, I’m having a hard time finding subbed videos ;___;
    Btw, have you seen the interview that he did late last year?? The one where he talked about his mum and shows pictures of the inside of his apartment?
    if you haven’t already. I LOVE THE MC.

    Haha, I think so far, you and playmeagain are the only ones to figure out my URL, so I am VERY proud of you :DD Actually, playmeagain suggested that I should name my next one :”” XDD

  3. It was, it was. I can’t believe he could be that convincingly sexual to his bandmate O____O. What a professional, lmao.

    AND WHAT INTERVIEW. I WANNA SEEEEEEEEEE. I haven’t kept up with Jin in long time now. I blame Korean boybands, lol.

    <333333 rofl, “” sounds great :DDD.

  4. Spazzes:

    That’s part 1, part 2 and 3 can be found in the related videos section (i think), tell me if you can’t find them~
    It’s really a MUST WATCH, -I would underline it and bold it if i was good at HTML, but I’m not, so I’ll just stress my point with exclamation marks-
    Tell me what you think of it ;)
    I’ve been youtube-ing him (I blame YOU, first you convert me to Suju, now you introduce me to Jin, YOU ARE SO AWESOME I LOVE YOU) and I found a few videos. Have you seen the one with them doing a fake sleeping/slumber party/school camp thing? He is ADORABLE in that video. Another must watch, let me know if you want the link and I’ll go have a look in my favourites XD

    Btw, have you seen “Nobuta wo Produce”?

    I thought imop only stood for – in my opinion … remember wen i asked u wat isweep meant and u said nothing in particular?

    and look im still awake hahaha but my eyes r drooping heavily…
    oh im so ashamed i cant believe i needed spazzes to actually spell it out for me or me to figure it out ><“

  6. You are SO obsessed, m’dear, with Akanishi Jin (LOL, I couldn’t even spell his name on my own. XDDDD I had to scroll up to look for your spelling of his name. I’msocoooooool!), but yes, I totally see why, because he is mucho pretty.

    ZOMGZOMGZOMGZOMG, you LINKED ME!!!! XDXDXDXDXDXD That makes me rather JOYFUL. Heeeeeeee. And yes, let’s bring back that Insa craze – I swear, we’re basically walking advertisements for DBSK, so we should totally get compensation. XD And THEN, we should totally convert everyone into “Nobuta wo Produce”-lovers, cos omigaaaaaaah, so goooooood. XD (I’m now hooked onto another yamapi series, Kurosagi, but I’m having trouble finding subbed versions of it, as a user TOOK IT OFF HER SITE YESTERDAY, so I’m frantically looking for subbed versions of it all over again, gahhhh. And I can’t download it, because my computer will EXPLODE if I download new subbing software. XDDD)

    And yes, I’m running off now to watch that Akanishi Jin interview, which I’ll follow up with putting that song you sent me of his on repeat. :):):)

  7. Just watched it, omg he’s just as adorable as I remember <333333. He’s got a serious case of bed head. :) You should watch the jdrama Anego. It’s not a really good drama, but it has its enjoyable moments and Jin is reaaaaaaaally cute in it. He wears suits and jskdlfjkdlfjd I die for guys in suits XDD.

    Ahahahaha that slumber party one is one of my favorite videos of him!!

    Other clips I really like of Jin are “car shrimp” “why Jennifer!!”, the acting skit (he’s like a judge watching people audition for a role), the one where he takes Megumi to the haunted house and he freaks out more than her, and the K-T volleyball matchup (they play volleyball against two professional volleyball players and have to drink something disgusting (but good for you) each time they lose, lol).

    I’ve seen Nobuta wo Produce. I don’t think I liked it quite as much as a lot of people I know liked it, but I think this is mainly because I’m not really a Kamenashi Kazuya fan XD;;.

  8. Playmeagain:
    I am wayyyy too obsessed, it’s getting to the point where it’s unhealthy. XD
    We ARE practically walking advertisements! We should SO get some of the royalties XD I can’t wait to write the pimp post, it’s going to be GREAT FUN. I love converting people :DDDDD

    Where do you usually download dramas from? I can never find english versions (with the exception of the ones on youtube). And I’m too slow at reading Chinese, so I always have to rewind. >”<

    Lol, I think my favourite bit of the interivew, is when the MC touched his collarbone, and he FREAKED out. XDD Btw, I love the MC *——–* The bit with Jin imitating Johnny was hilarious XD I would LOVE to see the DBSK/Suju boys pay out LSM ^———-^

    Thanks for the .gif! IT’S SO CUTE. Thanks for the video suggestions too, I’ll remember to credit you when I do my pimp post on him ^—–^ I just watched the haunted house clip, it’s ADORABLE, lol, he’s such a wuss XD

    I think Kamenashi Kazuya did a decent job in Nobuta wo Produce, but I still hate his eyebrows. There’s something about them that just annoys me. I think the reason I like the drama so much, is because of Yamapi, the weird hand gesture+sound thing that he kept doing is just too cuuuuuuuuuuute <33

    I think my favourite J-drama will always be “Hana yori dango”, just because it’s such a classic~

  9. Ahahaha, no need to credit <3. It’s quite all right :)! I look forward to your pimp post on him!

    Hana Yori Dango is easily the best J-drama ever. EVER!

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