Posted by: potensvita | March 14, 2008

Li Yin ~~~ ah….

You know, if Si Won is someone that I can talk to without any language barrier, I would totally fall in love with him and stalk him like mad.


Just kidding.

But Si Won really has a deep voice. In the recent filming of Li Yin for Very Big Star (direct translation. Don’t ask me. It sounded weird to me too ^^) , Li Yin had a phone conversation with Han Geng and Si Won.

Si Won sounds so yummy with his Li Yin ~~~~ ah.

Credit : mizzqtpnai @ youtube


Anyway, more on Li Yin with her participation on Very Big Star.

Supposedly, she was supposed to be performing I Will and Happiness Leave Shore. She showcased her violin skills too but as the show isn’t aired yet, soompi has only managed to give me links to fan cams of her and her performances. Oh yeah, she sang Timeless too but with a lady.0_0

I will restrain my comment on the Timeless perf.


Part One

Part Two

Lovers / Happiness Leave Shore

Part One Part Two

Her violin performance – Butterfly Lovers.

credit mizzqtpnai @ youtube for all the links. ^^
Can’t wait for it to be officially aired!!!

Side Notes : SJC and Chae Yeon are going to go on this show too in near future. ^^


  1. I loved this. It was so adorable! :]
    I loved how I could understand this! xP

  2. you arent the only one that is happy that it is in a language that can be understood. <3

  3. it’s a shame that I only started to study Mandarin this year, but better late than never, eh?

    anyways, I saw this show and I was spazzing throughout. I love the support that everyone showed for Li Yin.

    I didn’t know Kangta knew Li Yin like that. I saw his video, Super Junior and of course TVXQ.

    Hangeng is such a great ge ge to Li Yin. Siwon is just damn amusing.

    thanks for sharing ^^

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