Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 15, 2008

DBSK 3rd live tour – concert merchandise

Credit: 神影实习★珉 @ Baidu DBSK Bar

HAHAHAAHA, I have no idea why, but that seeing that binocular just made me LOL so hard XDDDD Idk, maybe it’s because I can picture myself stalking the boys from behind a bush, wearing camouflage jumpsuit, with a binocular that says “Tohoshinki” on it XDDD

Lots more pictures of the various merchandise items here. There are some (HOT) picture of the boys at the start, but scroll down, and you’ll see all the “useful” stuff that AVEX and SM are trying to sell :P

I’m not sure why they’re selling Tohoshinki sticky tape :| I don’t know why that’s even counted as a concert souvenir…  It’s like, you come home from the concert, and your friends all ask you what you got, and instead of saying a “photobook” or “t-shirt”, you’d go “I got TAPE. Isn’t that AWESOME?!” :| Am I the only one who finds that weird?

I REALLY want the black tote bag though, like reaaaally *———-* Oo, and the cell-phone dangly thing *———-* And I wanna try the Tohoshinki candy *———-* You know what, I’ll just have it all XDD (Yes, even the tape)

What I’m currently listening to: “Ai no Uta”  – Koda Kumi

Yes, I’m still working on that pimp post, be patient :P


    But um…theres a lot of random stuff too…:S

  2. Candychu:
    Did you see the spoon? LMAO~

  3. Yes I did and were the red thingies pens??
    You know, thats exactly why Avex/Sm whoever are such big companies XD

  4. Nup, they’re light sticks O.O

  5. gosh!
    AVEX and SM seriously are gaining every opportunity to get our money into their pockets! poor us. (:

    i was 0___________0 n then LOL so loud after i read what pinkandsparkly wrote.
    “I have no idea why, but that seeing that binocular just made me LOL so hard XDDDD Idk, maybe it’s because I can picture myself stalking the boys from behind a bush, wearing camouflage jumpsuit, with a binocular that says “Tohoshinki” on it XDDD” haha..i can picture myself too! hi 5** my parents gave me a super duper LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG =.=” look after i laughed so hard. hehe.

    i can’t accept their merchandise. I think their t-shirt from the second concert’s cuter.

    SPOON ? fine. imagine my family members are using that spoon for their meals…hmm..with the word tohoshinki.

    i’ll buy the red thingies pen though. kekez

  6. YOU’RE LISTENING TO KODA KUMI OMG <33333333333. I love her. I love ‘Ai No Uta’! I think I just really love her ‘Kingdom’ album in general.

    LOL I’m sorry, I always seem to comment on whatever song you’re listening to rather than the post in question. But the binoculars made me LOL too XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Their merchandise is so EXPENSIVE omg.

  7. Ervxiah:
    I really liked the t-shirts from their second concert…i wanted to get one :DD
    Lol, I don’t know WHERE there’s a spoon :| Maybe it’s for…spoon collectors?
    I REALLY REALLY REALLY want the black tote *—-*
    I don’t think they’re pens, btw. I think they’re red light sticks ^^;;;

    Omg!So freaky! I was just writing in an email that I really like “Ai No Utda”, and then you say that you really like the song. WE HAVE GREAT TASTE :D I just got the album today, so it’s on repeat at them moment XD I don’t really like the dance tracks, but I looove the sad slow songs <333 I’m so emo XD my other favourite songs on the album are tracks 6,9,10,11,12, and 14 :D
    Does yesasia stock their concert merchandise? I really want the black tote *———-*

  8. LOL. the merchandise is sort of random isn’t it? But seriously, the purple tape can be quite useful if you think about it? I mean if you need to wrap gifts for friends? –> Tohoshinki tape. Put up posters in school/university? –> Tohoshinki tape. Fixing a tear in your book? —> Tohoshinki tape xD. It’s like indirectly spreading the Dong Bang love ^_____^. I have an urge to just grab all the stuff from my screen =p.

  9. omG! i wanna have all of them <33 even the tape XD~ and the candy *lol* but i think i wont eat the candy (maybe a single one to try it *lol*) but display it anywhere xD~ hmmh.. and the tape? maybe to affix your posters after the concert? XD~ dont know *lol*
    the glass and the teaspoon are beautiful <33 and the thing for the cellphone <33

  10. glowsticks, i think!

    haha. my friend bought the T-shirt already. IT cost RM 100. well, i think it’s only 30 ++ aussie dollar? not expensive for you, i guess

  11. binoculars! its very useful if u ask me lol,
    its useful fr fans tht bought cheaper sits(the oh-so-far sit)lol, it reminded me the girl tht sit next to me during their concert, tht girl and her binoculars CANT BE SEPERATED(other words:glued) and she kept pushing me, shishh, lol. FCKIN BITCH(ok srry fr the swearing lol, ahaha)
    BTW guess what? ALL the merchandise at DVDheaven is out of stock…. i was like WTF?-_- DBSK fans are fassstttttttt, huh?
    BUT THE STICKY TAPE IS. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ahahah xD and i dont like the deigns on the Ts, i like the designs during five in the black. well maybe it will look great on the boys:D we’ll see. I WANT THE GLASS! and the BAGG!! i need…it! and the towel, the book! ERGH I WANT EVERYTHING, YES EVEN THE SPOON AND TAPE JUST BECAUSE IT HAS “TOHOSHINKI/T” WRITTEN ON IT xD

  12. Cassiopeianinja:
    You should do infomercials XDDD
    I can picture myself with a MASSIVE roll of Tohoshinki tape, running around my school and taping everything XDDD

    The candy is SO random. Like you said, no one would eat it, and it’ll just stay in the case and go moldy XDD
    I really like the glass…

    Omg!Where’d she get it???
    $30 is SUCH a good price!

    That’s right, you went to one of their concerts *gives you evil stare* xP
    I like the designs of the FITB t-shirts too….
    I want EVERYTHING, lol XD

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