Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 15, 2008

Heechul crack dancing to JYP’s “the house you live in”

Credit: symbelmyn @ Youtube

I LOVE videos of Heechul dancing to other people’s songs, they will never cease to amuse me XD I think I’ll do a “Heechul likes to crack dance” post, sometime in the near future, when I finish the series of J-pop pimp posts that I have planned :DD

In this video, Heechul and Epik High’s Mithra, danced to JYP’s “the house you live in”. Not a huge fan of the song…in could say that I strongly dislike it ( :O!! ), but I did enjoy Heechul’s dance XD Especially the chorus, haha. It always amazes me, how well Heechul know other people’s dances. I think I’ve seen the Don’t Don dance at LEAST 20 times, and I still have no idea what the first move is ^^;;; Actually, I don’t know any DBSK/Suju dance moves. Hang on, that’s not true, I bet I can do the “Marry U” crab dance if I wanted to, which I don’t xP

Did anyone else notice the Jewelry “One more time” pose he did at around 3:24? Has anyone seen the MV for that? It’s so entertaining…..

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