Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 16, 2008

Heechul dancing to “Kissing You”

Credit: mickeyice @ Youtube

I have been WAITING for this. Really, ever since SNSD released this song, I’ve been waiting for Heechul to crack dance to it. And he didn’t let me down *————*

I love how both Sungmin, and the SNSD girl, left him at the end XD But I’m not complaining, cos Heechul got to do a solo XDDD

But, I now have the song stuck in my head =.=

What I’m currently listening to: “If” – Younha


  1. Lol, do you mean Sunny?
    I love how you just refer to her as ‘the SNSD girl’ XD
    I don’t understand why Heechul is so capable of dancing other people’s choreography but then it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a “good” dancer…like do you get what I’m trying to say? I mean, I can hardly imagine him ever doing a solo the way Eunhae did during Don’t Don (even tho thats not a solo XD)
    Maybe nxt time he should watch their own choreography off a television :P
    Not that Heechul dances bad anyway. It’s just…I always think back to his audition…and that was just full of LOLs

  2. Candychu:
    I didn’t call her “SNSD” girl to be mean, promise :D
    I honestly don’t know the SNSD girls’ names (except for Yoona and Jessica) ^^;;;;
    LOL at the “next time he should watch their own choreography off a television line” XDDDDDDDD
    Omg, his dancing at his audition was SO funny, he seriously couldn’t dance. at all. XD

  3. LOL, throughout the entire performance, all I could think was : If there was a sudden breeze … the poor girl. XDDDD (Her skirt was too short for ANY level of comfort. Zomg.)

    But yes, back to Heechul. Ahahaha, he brings soooo much joy into my life. XD It’s all fan service really – he knows he’s absolutely adorable while dancing, and so, (as usual) totally hams it up for the camera.

    He REALLY reminds me of Puss-in-boots from Shrek. I mean, the whole cocky nature, the adorable grins, the massive kitty eyes – it’s all there. XD

  4. Playmeagain:
    Her skirt looked like it should have been worn as a belt ^^;; My mum would not let me out of the house in that, lol.
    Heechul is SO funny. I really love how he’s always so…special. XD I have so many videos of Heechul dancing(to other people’s songs), I think my favourite one is of him and Shindong dancing to CSJH’s “Boomerang”, good times~
    There’s actually a picture of Heechul doing the puss-in-boots face, and when juxtaposed to a real puss-in-boots picture, there’s like, a 99% likeness ^—–^

  5. I would have been freezing a skirt that short. jeezusjebeezus.
    ilu chullie and your crazy ass dancing.
    going to look up boomerang.
    and laugh some more

  6. they are in a room with most probably heater.

  7. Cholalola16:
    The boomerang dance is GOOOOOLD. I love the bit where they pretend to be dancing in front of Kangin’s “Camera” XD

    Most likely…. but what about when she leaves the room to go home? I would’ve froze…

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