Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 17, 2008

Suju – Star Golden Bell cuts, subbed.

Credit: Muishie @ Youtube 

Part 2        Part 3        Part 4

LOTS of funny moments in this. I was LOLing in front of my computer the whole time, and probably looked like a complete idiot, especially since I had my semiotics textbook(which is quite morbid) opened, so a person walking past would’ve thought that I had gone insane from too much study. XDDD

Yesung gets quite a lot of screen time, I was so proud *—–*

I LOLed SO hard when that girl played “dolls” with him, and when she squished his face, I was almost rolling on the ground with laughter. XDDD (omg, I really have gone insane :|)

They also tried to find something about themselves that they think will give them a no.1 ranking. Yesung said that he has the biggest head in Suju (LOL), and Eunhyuk told everyone that he smells (XDDDDD).

Really funny episode, I’d love to write more, but I really don’t want to fail any of my subjects, because then I would be expelled from life, by my parents.^^;;;;; But DO watch it, if you have time, and make sure you’re not at a quiet place, cos then you might look….”special”, when you fall off your chair from laughing so hard. XD

Btw, Eunhyuk’s hair looked good :DD

What I’m currently listening to: “Mixed Tape” – Jack’s Mannequin 


  1. omg i just watched this … and its 2am now .. and everyones sleepin .. and you were ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ! dont watch this in a quiet place . i LOLed so BADLY !
    ahh the girl playing dolls with Yesung ! hahaha XD . his so cute . poor guy being a sheep LOL . and gawsh, wonder how old was she .. still playin with dolls O_o
    the lil boy is so cute . loved it when he said “panties” XD hehe
    OMG *squeal* Yesung ” i’m 3 yrs old” eeeeek XD so CUTE !!!
    i LOLed so badly at the end when Eunhyuk said “treasure” hahaha !
    was a good episode ^__^

  2. hahah xD~ thx soo much for sharing the links *lol*
    i’ve just watched it and was laughing sooo hard xD~ they are soo cute <33 I love the way Eunhyuk was dancing to ‘Don’t Don’ hot to the max!! hahah XD~ and i’m really curious about Eunhyukkies smell issue *lol* does he really stinks? XD~ at first i just think that they’re teasing him.. but since he said by himself that he smells.. *lol*
    and omg!! Child Eunhyuk and Child Yesung were just too adorable <33

  3. Minjee4micky:
    I told you it was hilarious :P
    I, too, wonder how old that girl is, lol XD
    I don’t even know where my old Barbie dolls are (I’m pretty sure mum threw them out), and my soft toys get abused by me on a daily basis XD

    You’re welcome :)
    Haha, have you watched EHB Ep.13?? The episode with the dogs?? That should tell you how “special” Eunhyuk’s body odor is, HAHA XD
    I just go *———* whenever I see Eunhyuk dance, he is an AMAZING dancer~

  4. Yes, lots of funny moments! But I almost couldn’t breath when Yesung was eating the sausage – too painful to watch O_o
    When Eunhyuk was dancing to Don’t Don, I thought he really looks like a monkey on a tree, lol, so cute!
    I’m a little disappointed though because I finally get to see Danhobak in a variety show, but he doesn’t really do much…

  5. @ pinkandsparkly

    haahh XD yeaah!! I’ve already seen it and yeaaaah you’re right XD the dog! I’ve almost forgotten it XD~ but still i cant believe it *loool* anywaaayss XD~ he’s too cute! no matter how much he smells i loooveee him XD~
    and yeahh.. when he was dancing he really looks like a cute monkey *lol*

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