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Changmin talks about his piercing

Thank you, Luluchan @ Soompi, for the translation :DDD

This is from a recent conversation between the boys that went on during their Japanese radio show, “Bigeast”.

From 07:30

JJ: Ok the corner :”answer me please”! started! Today please let me present the 1st mail.. is that ok? is that OK? (lol )

YH/JS: … yeah that’s ok!

JJ: so it’s going to start from me eh?

JS: yes yes…

JJ: “Thank you for the fun show always….”

JS: thank you very much

JJ: “… By the way, I noticed Changmin got a piercing! He said before that he because he is a good son he won’t get piercings.
What kind of change of heart is THAT?”

JS: oh oh me me! please let me read this too! (lol)

JJ: ok, go ahead…

JS: ” I wanted to let this out this thing i’ve been thinking about … . that is Changmin’s piercing!! He said on this show that he gave up on getting a piercing because he won’t make a hole in the body his parents gave him. Did Changmin change ?? I’m shocked that I’m devastated (hahaha she used “fukiareru” meaning litterally to be “swept over” lolz)
Why did he get it? Please tell me! ”
A lot (of these letters) came!

YH: ohh… yeah.. Changmin DID say he wouldn’t get piercing until not long ago…. WHY WHY why why

JS: he said he wouldn’t make a hole in the body his parents gave him

YH: everyone wants to know eh…

JJ: so today.. we are going to hear from Changmin himself..

JS: welcome Changmin!

CM: I’m the main character.. please clap!

JS: Do it (answer it) quickly and get out quickly please!

CM: hahahaha

JS: It got really small in here! (the room got stuffy)

Cm: yeah.. I apologize for that,.. ok.. so this year 2008, I turned 20 year… s.. ooold..(he was stumbling haha)

YH: say it properly!

Cm: I’m a bit nervous. so about WHY did I get a piercing… actually since a couple years ago, the members already said that I would become 1.5 times cooler if I have my ears pierced
I didn’t listen at the beginning…

JS: yeah…

JJ: Is it OK to change your mind so fast?!?!?! is that OK? IS THAT O–K??

CM: I said that before that I won’t make a hole in the body I got from my parents…

JJ: but the truth is that you got it done no?

CM: yeah.. well no..

JJ: no?

CM: I actually I saw my Mom too.. there are holes in her ears , I was shocked too!

JS: that’s an excuse no??

CM: I would say it’s an excuse too..but honestly., i wanted a change after I turn 20.. more like an adult…

JS: like a “change of mood” eh ?

CM: yea like a change of mood .. but anyhow the feedbacks were good.. so it was as I thought…

JJ: the feedbacks were GOOD??

CM: yap they were quite good!

JJ: WHERE did you see them from? “I” Haven’t seen them at all!

CM: hahaha

JS: and because Changmin saw ME that’s why he got it done eh?

CM: ah.. I loooked at Junsu.. even with a piericing .. a hole .. i thought “so… there’s no change…” ..ah..

JS: OI… Changmin… please get out of here QUICK!

YH: so summarizing Changmin’s excuse… Changmin became an adult and wanted a change…

They read another fan letter about why Junsu is still saying Oyagi gags, after he made the speech about wanting to be more charismatic this year; you can read it here (bottom of the page).

So little Changmin is all grown up :D – I say that like I’m older than him, lol.

I love how he said that the member told him he’d be 1.5 times cooler, if he got a piercing. Peer pressure! XDD

I love the squabbling between Jae, Changmin and Junsu; Yunho always has to be the one to step in and end their little play fights. XDD

Personally, I don’t have a problem with piercings – I have 3 myself (2 in my right ear, 1 in my left) – it’s just when people go a bit overboard with them, that it gets a little odd o.O (Eg. when people pierce their whole face…a little unnecessary….)

What I’m currently listening to: “Too close for comfort” – McFly


  1. he’s really grown up..

    n its true,,u look cooler more than 1.5 times^^

  2. Minholover:
    Haha, I love how they said “1.5 times”, as opposed to a whole number, like “2” or “3”. They are SPECIAL ^——–^
    But, if one piercing makes you 1.5 times cooler…does that mean that I became 4.5 times cooler when I got my 3 holes done? XDDD
    *gets slapped*

  3. Thanx for the translation~! XD
    It’s very cute to have them four in the ‘small’ room~! XD
    Actually i want to translate the whole thing but guess i’m too slow… ^^;;
    Well, that’s save my work, i guess~!

  4. 1.5 times cooler? I think he looks 1.5 times cuter!

  5. pinkandsparkly:

    3 holes??hmm cool!!
    i just hv 2 holes at left n right scare of sharp things!! kekekkeke

    n junsu got tease even the topic is not about him,,
    poor him ^^

  6. Su-moon:
    You’re welcome :D
    But I give full credit to Luluchan @ Soompi, so lovely of her to translate this :DD
    Ooo, you can understand japanese??

    I think he looks cuter too ^——^

    I one hole in my left ear, and two in my right. But the two holes are both on the earlobe, i’m too scared to get one at the top, through the cartilage :S
    Junsu always ends up as the one who gets teased XDDD

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