Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 18, 2008

DBSK OBS interview part 2, subbed


WordPress still hasn’t enabled Veoh embedding and it’s not available on youtube (I couldn’t find the subbed one on there), so watch it here.

It’s the second part of their OBS interview (Part 1 posted here)

I really liked watching this interview, it was a really personal one, as opposed to the shows that they normally go one, where they just promote their single/album, and don’t really talk much.

The boys were asked about what their dream careers were, when they were little. Yunho wanted to be a lawyer (OMG, SO HOT), Changmin wanted to be an announcer (he’d be such a sarcastic one, lol), Jae wanted to be the president, or a SUPER MARKET OWNER XDDDD he said that it’s because he’d be able to eat lots of cookies and ice-cream, LOL. Sounds like my kind of job… Junsu wanted to become a soccer player, and Micky wanted to be an athlete. No one asked, but I wanted to be an FBI secret agent. XDDD

They were also asked about their “ideal woman”. Junsu wants someone who’s athletic (WHY ;____; *bangs head against wall*), Changmin’s ideal girl is someone who has pretty eyes, and Jae likes pretty girls. XDD

Anyway, really nice interview *—-* I wish they did interviews like this more often…. The boys also wrote some personal messages, and it was displayed throughout the video.

What I’m currently listening to: “Daite Senorita” – Yamashita Tomohisa


  1. pinkandsparkly!

    *lols. i wanted to bang my head against the wall. ergh…

  2. Erv:
    Yes, I really did…
    That’s like, the ONE thing that I’m not XDDD (actually, there’s probably 50 million other things, but whatever)
    I hate exercise =.= Unless I’m shopping. XDDD

  3. Excellent. I’m a pretty girl. I have an ego the size of Canada. I’m surprised that Junsu didn’t say “singer” though. According to his mom, that really WAS his goal. Or maybe it was after HOT debuted and got famous and all of Korea got swept up in the idol craze.


  4. Nanshi:
    Yes, I’m going to be extremely humble, and call myself a pretty girl too XDDD
    I ADORE shopping (when it’s not with my money), I can’t walk/run 3kms on a treadmill, but I can totally walk that distance when I shop XD Though normally, I’m quite the impulse buyer, so I tend to just walk into one shop, try something on, buy it, and go home. The whole process would take 15mins, tops. lol, I’m so sad XDDDD

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