Posted by: lovediaries | March 18, 2008

Which DBSK Member will fall in love with you?

(cross posted at my other blog, but the lovely pinkandsparkly asked me to share this here as well so have fun! ^^)

Okay. I know I promised myself I would not turn the computer on today. But maths bored me too much.

So I took another one of those quizzes where the result is never gonna happen anyway…but I CAN STILL DREAM CAN’T I??

Coz look at my result…:D

Which TVXQ member will fall in love with you?

Max Choikang Changmin

Max Choikang Changmin
Oh yes, he likes you. He’s my fave of TVXQ. Stupid you; not fair. I should be the only to have him! He’s so adorable and cute. You’ll love him too.

I’m aware it’s a stupid myspace quiz but IT’S FATE IT’S FATE!!!!
Is it not?
Have a go yourself….
Find out who’s “destined” to fall in love with you XP


  1. I’ve already told you this, but I need to say it again (because I’m really cool)
    Yip. That’s all. :D
    Thanks for posting this, btw~

  2. I did it AGAIN (because I’m procrastinating), and this time I chose different options, and STILL ENDED UP WITH JAE.
    I really should stop spamming your post, and get back to writing my image analysis XDDDD

  3. Which TVXQ member will fall in love with you?Hero Youngwoong JaeJoongoh my gosh! i can’t believe you got this hottie! He’s such a hot hottie! He’s so cute in glasses. Anywas, he might seem cold and shy at first but he’ll warm up to you and treat you like his little princess.Celebrities-Fame Quizzes

  4. I got JAE too. Pinky, we are destined to be sworn enemies. lol.

    wht? why theres oh so many ppl got jae, STRIKE STRIKE!:P

  6. Wow, so much Jae here!!
    I got Junsu!! I just love dolphin!!!
    I have a final today, and that really made my day!! I FEEL SO LUCKY TODAY!!! XDDDD


    I’ve done this THREE times, and I STILL get Changmin each time.

    LOL. Changdice, don’t kill me. XDDDDD

    Okay, going back for a FOURTH time. XDDDD

  8. i got Jae! haha. I was a little surprised at first though xP
    They’d all be lovely boyfriends though! haha. I really want to flaunt this around! hahahaha.

  9. so much jae-love.

    i got yunho!! ^_^

    i agree with nathica, they seem like they would be lovely boyfriends… except mickey, he seems like a play boy ^_-

  10. pinkandsparkly: lol yep yep, no matter HOW many times you do it, you’ll always end up getting Jae to fall in love with you :P

    potensvita: ahaha ‘hot hottie’ thats like … the best compliment ever XD

    koreanchocolate: ANOTHER JAE!?!? XD looks like Jae has many ‘true loves’ :P

    sungminjunsu: you got Junsu!! LUCKY!! lol even tho I’m completely happy with getting Changmin…eukyangkuang ahaha

    playmeagain:three…times…? *insert broken heart emoticon* I did it twice and I got jae the second time…*lip quivers*

    nathica: lol the things i would sacrifice if i could ever have a member of dbsk as my boyf O.O

    yonheet55: LOL you think yoochun is a play boy AHAHA…I get the impression that he’s a really good kisser :P :P :P

  11. I took several other DBSK quizzes, and end up with Junsu most of the time *Eu Kyang Kyang*. I also got one Jae, one Min, and one Yunho, but no Yoochun however. It’s weird… the first quiz I took (the quiz on this post), I got 0 match with Yoochun… FATE? Why? I also love Chunnie very much!!

  12. I try once and it’s fate!!!! I got Yoochun!! hahahaha *happy*

  13. sungminjunsu
    Shivers, I’m like a year late in replying to your comment O.o Funny you say that cause hotarux just got Yoochun XDDD!

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