Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 19, 2008

3 way convo. DBSK style

Credit: eternalmerkamoon @ Youtube

So many phones O.O

Ok, I think Jae called Changmin, Yunho called Junsu, and Micky called……no idea. Room service? XD

Favourite part of the video: when Changmin spoke to Jae in ENGLISH. That’s right, not engRish, engLish. :DDD So proud *–* But poor Jae looked so confused XDD

The reason I titled this post “3 way convo.”, is because, near the end, Jae takes Yunho’s phone, and puts it next to his, in an attempt to let Changmin and Junsu speak to each other, am I making sense? You’ll just have to watch it. :P

What I’m currently listening to: “One more try” – Zhang Li Yin


  1. OMGGGG!! CHANGMIN HAS SUUUUCH GOOD ENGLISH!!! “May I speak to Jaejoong, please?” “….dare desu ka?” [Junsu: dare? dare? dare?] Jaejoong: “…eego shinai te yo!!!!” (I DON’T KNOW ENGLISH!). He sounds soo annoyed! BUT SO CUUUUTE! And Junsu’s o_O expression? And when he puts the phone’s together and Changmin’s all “moshi moshi?” and Junsu’s all “………ah changmin!”
    I think Jae was teasing Junsu about playing games, and Junsu was like “YEAH WE PLAY GAMES EVERYDAY!” and then Jae’s all like, “what? [I can’t hear you] tell me quickly!” and I can only hear Yunho going, “OH, this is genius Changmin!” and Yunho+Changmin are talking about English, I think it is? I’m not too sure, but that’s what it seems like. And I’m not quite too sure WHO Yoochun is talking to except for the fact that it looked like he was talking to a fake person on his cell phone (cause he was making really silly faces). But on the landline phone (the white phone), he MIGHT’VE been ordering room service or food or something cause when he hung up he said “nonbiri,” which means something along the lines of “that was simple” of “that was easy to do” or in general sense, “no problem” for that case (yay for Japanese and it’s 5589936123 meanings for everything). And I KNOW Jae was like, “I’m with Changmin on the phone. Please hold on..” and Junsu’s all, “….what are you doing?”

    OMGGGG!!! SO MUCH LOVE. It’s not translated exactly, because I’m not that good, but it’s the general vibe of the entire thing…!

  2. YUNHO! When they were speaking English and Yunho’s just saying “I…I’m…I’m” and then he hands to phone to Jaejoong I was dying. :\
    I love how Jaejoong kept asking “who who who?” And Yoochun and Changmin are cracking up!

  3. lol, wait i think actually during the starting JJ was talking on the phone with junsu because they were reallyy loud and talk about games or smthg xD i think ahaha
    and changmin called yunnie cause yunnie said “AHHH~ TNSAI CHANGMIN (genius changmin) and yunnie was like “im *passes the phone to jae* xD YUNJAE MMNT THERE! hahah and mickey’s just…. tlking alone xD. MICKEY<3

  4. lols!!

    by the way
    it’s the first day of Japan Tour today, no?
    oh!!! gambate guy!

  5. BOREDOM~ here eng sub lol

  6. koreanchocolate :

    tq for the link!!!

  7. Thanks for the summary~!!!
    I SO regret not choosing Japanese.
    I LOOOOVE how Jae kept telling Junsu off for playing games XDDD
    And yes, Changmin’s english = SO HOT.
    And Yunho’s attempt at speaking english: “I’…I’m…” *hands phone to Jae* XDDDDD

    Yea, they need to speak English more often. Practise makes perfect, right? XD

    Hahaha, you’re right, Jae was the one talking to Junsu XDD
    Thanks for the link!!!!!!! The subtitles hurt my eyes though, lol XD

    ahahaaha, I had NO idea that their Japan tour started yesterday. I have you and Potensvita to thank for the info ^——–^
    I am SUCH a bad fan, I thought that their tour didn’t start till May. XDD

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