Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 20, 2008

“T” concert picspam – Yokohama stop [day 1]

Edit: Some HQ pictures posted here, fancams and audios here

Scroll down for the real picspam :D

Funky outfits XDD Jae’s gold dress thing made me LOL for 5 minutes, HE IS SO SPECIAL :DDD

I hate Yunho’s hair. (cue for Yunho fans to throw stuff at me) I don’t like long ponytails on guys, it’s a personal preference issue. Even if a ” Jae-Akanishi Jin-Siwon-shrank-rolled into one” person (YES PLEASE) had the hair, I’d still be all “ew. gross”, about it. So I’m not being mean to Yunho. I just think his stylist needs help. :D

There are pictures from all over the place (even some of the fans lining up), and I didn’t want to do a separate post for each topic, so I’ll just spam you with all the pictures that I’ve found, so far:

Credit: Baidu post bars

Whew…that was tiring. No, not really, I enjoyed it. XDDD

Like I said, pictures from all over the place.
I really like those pictures of Yunho. See, short hair=yes yes yes, weird female hair extensions=no no no. :D
Oo, and the boys make the t-shirts look hot, I want one now :DD
I was a bit ^^;; about the DBSK mastercard though….but hay, hello kitty has her own mastercard, so why not~

What I’m currently listening to: I’ve put the FITB tour DVD on again, so that’s playing in the background, tis nice :DD


  1. i don’t really like the silver tight skin clothes. they are so cough cough tempting. ^^ but they look buft. I bet the fans had fainted already. after this arena tour, I think they will be in china for two last stop of their Korean O tour. then, returned back to Korea. I hope.

  2. oh yeah. HOT PICS.

  3. omg why did i go out today out of all days!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    the dbsk fandom practically exploded
    omg omg omg omg *cannot contain excitement*

    oh btw, i can not stop staring at yunho’s hair. but thats not a good thing O_O

  4. Potensvita:
    They’re soooooooo busy ;____;
    I don’t like the silver clothes. Looks too science fiction, haha.
    And yes, hot pictures indeed *—-*

    I hate Yunho’s hair.
    Lol, Potensvita told me that i’d have a field day covering the concert, she is SO right, haha.

  5. dear, ask for help. ^^. i have exams. and I am a lesbo.;P

  6. Potensvita:
    Haha, good lucky in your exams!

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