Posted by: lovediaries | March 20, 2008

T Tour Concert Schedule

As you are all probably aware by now, DBSK’s Third Tour ‘T’ has started…yay!! *throws confetti and pops champagne*

Even though I won’t be going (*sigh*) at least there will be tonnes of hot pics to drool over as long as they hire a new stylist, especially for Yunho and Yoochun.

And in order to make stalking a whole lot easier, we need to know dates!!! Right?

But there is no need to fret, for we have found them!

{credit: bestiz; Fan Girl Mitz}

2008.3.19 Yokohama Arena 17:30~18.30
2008.3.20 Yokohama Arena 15:00~16:00
2008.3.26 Osaka Castle Hall 17:30~18:30
2008.3.27 Osaka Castle Hall 17:30~18:30
2008.4.01 Fukuoka Marine Messe 17:30~18:30
2008.4.12 Hiroshima Green Arena 17:00~18:00
2008.4.15 Japan Gaishi Hall (formerly: Nagoya Rainbow Hall) 17:30~18:30
2008.4.16 Japan Gaishi Hall (formerly: Nagoya Rainbow Hall) 17:30~18:30
2008.4.19 Sendai: Hot House Super Arena (Grandy 21) 17:00~18:00
2008.4.26 Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena 17:00~18:00
2008.5.03 Saitama Super Arena 17:00~18:00

And apparently, AVEX are out to get DBSK dead tired more money, because they’ve added 6 more shows! Coz you know, 11 shows ISN’T ENOUGH??? (that’s sarcasm btw)

March 29 (Sat) – Osaka Jo Hall
March 30 (Sun) – Osaka Jo Hall
April 13 (Sun) – Hiroshima Green Arena
April 20 (Sun) – Sendai Hot House Super Arena
May 5 (Mon) – Saitama Super Arena
May 6 (Tues) – Saitama Super Arena

SO, yes…if you guys find anything that we haven’t yet, then please share with us!!!!!!!!


  1. LINKS:
    together fancam :

    love in the ice fancam:

    beautiful you CLEARER & LONGER ver (AUD):

    beautiful you fancam (mncast -_O):

    pics? MANY MORE OTHER pics at soompi : page 1974 lol xD

    lastly junsu’s butt cause well fr fun xD

  2. koreanchocolate: omg ILU!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I actually saw the love in the ice fancam off multiply but i cudnt find the youtube clip XD

    and Lol i have that junsu picture…but i never looked at his butt XD i was actually more impressed with the way changmin is stretching :P

    and thanks for telling me the pg at soompi..i always get lost there O_O

  3. yr welcome! and same here i just finished backstracking 31 pages -_____O ahhaha, oh and notice JAE’S crutches on tht pic, AND about changmin lol, i agree. I LOVED HIS HAIR during rising sun daysss!

  4. wait!
    i just realized that their concert lasts for ONE hour?

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