Posted by: lovediaries | March 21, 2008

Heechul has injured his nose

First Eunhyuk, now Heechul.

{credit: Super Junior HK Fans Club; SJ寶藍閣 ; translation: candychu @ Let’s All Eat Candy}

So Heechul has done something to his nose. They haven’t said what but it’s got to be pretty serious because Shindong will be replacing him on Challenge 8 vs 1  and Kangin will be hosting SBS Music Inkigayo.

Apparently on the 19th while at home he fell (yikes) and his nose has now swollen. He’s just had laser surgery and his vision still hasn’t recovered from that :( A staff member has said that he’ll probably need to stay in hospital for another week or so which is why he won’t be able to work.

Poor Heechul XD He’s such a luvo, I hope his nose is fine. I’m gonna assume that the reason he was klutzy and fell over was because his vision is still blurry.

So girls, here’s a tip. If you ever have laser, don’t go roaming around your house!


  1. Poor Heechul :(. I hope he feels better soon. And that his nose makes it out okayyyy. I love his nose lol.

    Are you super super busy with school now, my dear? Just wondering if you wanted to write that Chinese music pimp post together. I have a loooot of time right now (I’m on Spring Break) so if you were available, then we can write it :). But only if you’re available (I feel really selfish since you were on vacation until March and now I’m like LET’S WRITE IT NOW when *I* am on vacation)~! :D!

    Pimp posts take forever to write, but omg they’re always so much fun to put together <3!

  2. Spazzes:
    Haha, Candice actually posted this, but ah well, she won’t mind me spamming her comment section. XDD
    No, I’m not busy right now at all! (Easter weekend, YUUUS)So yes, we can definitely work on that pimp post! I’m not sure how we’re going to go about doing it though…hmmm…email me with ideas!!

  3. spazzes:
    AHAHA lol I was like ‘…chinese music pimp post?’ XD lol
    see thats wat the tags are for ^^
    i love his nose too .. i love his whole face, really. its so feminine :P

  4. It seems like the Suju boys keep getting into accidents, poor them. I hope Heechul’s nose get better soon. I love his face, especially his eyes and nose.

  5. whats up with injured sujus T_T oh those boys T_T hope they get better soon.

  6. sungminjunsu:
    well let’s hope the other suju boys stay safe and healthy ^^
    i hope its not some…’virus’ going around XD
    at least no other member is injured yet…*touchwood*

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