Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 21, 2008

Leeteuk – Star monologue

Credit: Symbelmyn @ Youtube

It’s subbed, so watch it.

I think I prefer this interview to his talk to myself one..

I LOLed at the start, when he did the “we are Super Juni-or” thing, he looked so lonely saying it by himself XD

I really liked his “today cant exist without yesterday, and there will be no tomorrow without today” line, so true *—–*

He explained how the name “Super Junior” came about. I was a little bit surprised, I never knew that they used to be called “Junior”. So glad that they added the “Super”, lol XD. Actually, I was a bit ^^;; about the name “Super Junior”, at first. But that’s a story for another day..

He also talked about how he was ready to resign from his leadership position if things went out of control, because he felt that he lacked leadership skills, and the ability to take care of others. To that, I say “PFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTT”. I think that he’s a fantastic leader. Lots of fans compare Leeteuk to Yunho, but the thing is, they’re two VERY different people. Juxtaposed to Yunho, Teuk may seem more like a member than a leader, as he’s always getting picked on by the other Suju boys (Kangin, I’m looking at you), but I think that he does an excellent job leading a group of 13 boys. Lol, I remember in one episode of EHB, how someone went “oh, is he really the leader?”, and I think it was Shindong, who went “yea, we don’t like to admit that though” XDDD.

Leeteuk is probably my favourite Suju boy, so really, he can do no wrong :P. I don’t know why he attracts antis :| People accuse him of being too “fake” at times, which is sooo not true. I act different around different groups of people, get over it. I for one, think he’s very genuine :D. He’s always the first to cry (well, him or Eunhyuk), watching him cry in Full House (when they won the SBS award), nearly made ME cry. And I didn’t even cry watching “1 litre of tears” :|

I’m getting too irrelevant. In conclusion, I love Leeteuk.

I will end this with a mini-picspam of the very pretty-ful Teukie :DDD


What I’m currently listening to: “So I” – Super Junior


  1. LOL, okay now I understand what you mean when you read my posts and think ‘now when did i write this’ XD

    As well as ‘You are the One’
    Actually when I first saw Super Junior I thought it was like Korean ‘American Idol’ esp with all those members LOL wasnt I smart :)

    It pains me wen Leeteuk thinks he’s a bad leader. He has no idea how good he is, especially with such a big group. As I’ve said before, Leeteuk and Yunho are different ppl with different personalities so obviously they’re gonna lead their groups both with a different approach.

    I think it’s obvious how good a Leader Leeteuk is when he looks at how successful his group is. And the fact that all the members love him!!!

    He attracted many anti’s that time he lied about that figure skater rejecting his cyworld invitation and stuff and that just BLEW out of proportion. Crazy stuff. People need to calm down and not take things so personally. Argh!! And this is turning into more of a rant than my love for Teukie so I shall stop.


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