Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 21, 2008

Multiple personalities of Xiah Junsu

Credit: saccherina @ Youtube

Recently, I have been going through a huge Junsu phase. (I blame playmeagain, who has been pimping Junsu, over at her blog; read this and this)

I normally don’t watch fanvideos, but, like I said earlier, I’m going through a huge Junsu phase at the moment :P. This video of Junsu is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. it has all these cute cuts from shows that DBSK have appeared on, and imo, really shows off the “cute” side of Junsu’s personality :D. I think my favourite cut, is the “kind receiver of spoiled gifts” XDDD. You’ll have to watch it for yourself to see what I mean…

I would’ve liked to see more cuts of Junsu showing off his amazing english skills, but it’s impossible to showcase all of Junsu’s amazingness in a 5 minute video *—–*.

It always makes me sad when I see Junsu “ranked” lower than the other DBSK boys. When I first started liking DBSK, I didn’t pay much attention to Junsu (actually, I couldn’t really tell him and Micky apart XD), but then when I listened to more of their music, and watched more variety shows, I just fell in LOVE with this boy. Because, really, how can you not? HIS VOICE CAN MELT STEEL. He may not be the most attractive in the physical sense, but there’s just something about him that draws you to him. I’m probably one of the shallowest people on earth, yet I ADORE Junsu; he’s probably my second favourite member (not that I rank them or anything :P). And the whole “charisma” thing that he’s trying to work on? PFFFFT. Anyone who has seen him sing would agree that he’s got nothing to worry about. Besides, I happen to really love how he’s always so child-like XDDD.

And because I’m bored, here are some prettyful Junsu wallpapers (thanks to the photoshop geniuses at Baidu Junsu Bar + Baidu JJ Bar):

[Some of them say “Happy Birthday”, because they’re from the Jae fans to Junsu]

What I’m currently listening to: “Beautiful thing” – Junsu How appropriate ;)


  1. hello pinkandsparkly!

    thanks for putting up this post :P

    yes. i agree. his voice can melt steel. (:

    btw, i just realised that their T concert last about an hour? i thought it’s normally two hours for concerts

  2. I think it was when my friend showed me the Timeless MV that I first noticed Xiah and his voice. It’s so unique and has so much emoition and I totally agree taht his voice can melt steel lol. I’m pretty sure you have seen this video on Junsu but if you haven’t, you must! It’s really touching and nicely done:

    The Truth of Xiah Junsoo (this is how the creater named it):

  3. Ahahahaha, he’s completely addictive. And he’s got such an … unique personality. XDDDD LOL, and you can tell that he’s completely lazy and spoiled, but he’s too cute to hold any grudges against. XDDD (Plus, I bet I can beat him at the lazy game anyday.)

    Stealing the wallpapers btw! Who in their right mind WOULDN’T want Xiah Junsu plastered to their computer screen?!? XDDDD

    LOL, we have such massive influences on each other. I’m STILL in my akanishi jin phase. STILL. STILL. STILL.

    He’s too hot. <3

  4. AND ZOMG, I LOVE Anyband. XDDDDD Just thought I’d throw that out. Heeeee. And Tablo … is my lover hero.


  5. I think Junsu ranked lower than the other boys is because of the fact that he doesn’t have that charming look like the other members. His charm is his personality, and voice too. But see, when people first watch DBSK shows, they will find other DBSK boys attractive than Junsu and start to make them their favorite. Only after they get to know more about Junsu’s personality that they start to like him more. By that time, they probably already have a favorite, so Junsu ended up not being their favorite.
    Am I even making sense?
    Anyway, to me… Xiah is always the best!! *Eu Kyang Kyang* I’m addicted to his laugh, lol

  6. hahahaha… the video is so funny. =)))

    I didn’t even know about Junsu being ranked lower than other boys cuz he has been on my top favourite ever since I know DBSK. XD He’s such a heartthrob and cutie, I can’t resist his cuteness & vocal (of course!).

    Stealing the pictures!!! ^^ thanks. heehee.

    — random passerby. haha.

  7. Erv:
    Yes, I think their concerts are normally 2-3 hours, but…hmm..not sure why the T ones are only an hour…apparently they didn’t perform many songs. But that’s ok, means that they won’t get too tired :D

    Thanks for the video~!
    I had never seen it before :D
    I found it sooo cool how the video went backwards, it was really exciting, lol~~

    The scene with Tablo playing guitar, OMG *————–*
    I really liked the plot of the MV/CF though, very science fiction-ish, yes? :D

    I didn’t really notice Junsu at first, I couldn’t tell him apart from Micky XDDDD
    I think your theory makes sense. People don’t tend to notice Junsu first, he doesn’t talk much on Korean variety shows :( Yet another reason for the boys to stay in Japan XD

    Ooo, he’s always been your top favourite?
    He is such a cute little dolphin, and I adooore his laugh, it’s so SPECIAL XD

  8. Thank You very much for this beautiful picture ^.^ I love it…

  9. I really adore all of the boys, but I agree with you about Kim Junsu being adorable. I can see how he stole ChangMin’s “cute” persona. Haha, though I am sure the members would agree with his pure and light-hearted-ness (score one for bad English) really fits the word “cute.” When I first saw Junsu, I didn’t pay much attention to him either, haha, but now I am in love with Junsu all the way.

    He is so caring for other people and for the members. He puts his heart, mind and soul into everything that he does. And on top of it, he makes funny gag jokes — then laughs at himself! It always amuses me how the members are always making fun of him — but, that just shows how much they really love this boy.

    And I disagree about Junsu not being the most physically attractive. He might not have the “sexiness” in a typical sense, but if you really look at him, he very good looking. And don’t forget his S line.

    Junsu <3;

  10. I agree with all of you!!
    my fav used to be jaejoong who is so stunning, and has such a great voice (I still love JJ though! ehehe! I am so fickle!). Watching all these korean variety shows, you start notitcing Junsu, and being drawn to his adorable dorkiness. Having said that, I think that he is good looking and a real sexy beast!!! he doesn’t lack in any ways, and yes, Tama, that S-line….(his so-called duck-butt!!) is to die for! His dancing skills (esp. the hips shaking!!0 and leave me squealing like a teenage fangirl!!

  11. When I first knew TVXQ, U-Know is my fav’. And same as the others, I never notice Xiah until I got to see Korean shows they were on. I just fall for Xiah not so long ago. And I agree with all u guys that he is not that outstanding comparing to the others. But that was Xiah in the old days. He is cute but not manly hansome or hot. But if you notice him recently, he did change. I went to SM town concert few days ago and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He’s really sexy, really hot, talented and he has some charisma I’ve never seen in him before. And I think he got more & more attention from the fans now (guess from the screaming hehehe)

    I really wish him the best luck as he has so much talented and he’s supposed to be very successful

  12. Yayness, people that think like me! ^^ Same scenario…When i first knew about DBSK through their MV “drive”, i was attracted to Changmin. But Junsu started to capture my attention on variety shows and it was especially his dance on the Star Show that left me speechless (he really didn’t compromise on the sexiness!). It also wasn’t helping that my close friend is obsessed with him.

    After doing more research, watching banjun dramas, and reading forums, it was Junsu’s relentless charm, amazing singing talent and open personality that captivated me eventually. And now, i’m pretty much Junsu-addicted like all of you heh.

    One thing i’m still puzzled over is that his dancing has always been overshadowed by Yunho’s. He’s very much underrated :(

  13. i like junsu the most!!!!!
    super cute..what a big gift from God he got..
    his voice,laugh,smile, and whatever about him is prefect..
    i really adore him..

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