Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 22, 2008

Let’s mooorrrrrph

Have you ever wondered what a blend of you and a celebrity would look like? No? Well, I hadn’t either XD.

I rarely do random posts like this, so let me have my fun xP.

Ok, so candychu (a co-author of this blog), gave me the link to a site which lets you morph pictures together. And because I have NO life, and I’m a crazy fangirl, I morphed one of my pictures with a picture of Jae (I told you, I’m a sad sad person with no life). And that’s what resulted ^^^^^

How exciting.

If you have no life either, then go here and MOORRRRPPPPHHHH. Candychu morphed Yunho and Donghae together, and omg, the finished product looks like a hot drunk XDDD.

It’s really really simple, if a technoklutz like me managed, you’d definitely be able to do it. You have to register (takes about 20 seconds) you don’t even need to leave your email! upload pictures, put random points on them, and click “morph” (the “morph” that’s next to a SINGLE picture, don’t select both pictures and click “let’s morph”, it doesn’t work. And VOILA :DD


Edit: I just morphed the same picture of myself with a picture of Akanishi Jin:

*runs off to find a life*

What I’m currently listening to: “Endless Rain” – X-Japan


  1. LOL, I love the way we both admit how sad our lives is…yet we still let the world see AHAHA
    *sigh* we’re too awesome :)

  2. hahah XD~ welcome to the ‘ppl-who-dont-have-a-life’-club ^^”
    I just tried the morph thingy and wwäääh.. i hate mines XD~ i put myself and changmin together.. and i have to realize that my lips are too thick lips >.<” (tried it two times: at first there was a hole in our nose O_O) and then the lips xD~
    thx for this :D

  3. Candychu:
    LOL, I blame you for giving me the link to the site XD

    I tried doing one with Leeteuk, and the “person” turned out like ET ^^;;;
    Yay, you me and candychu should form a “we don’t have a life” club :DDD

  4. *depressed* the pic tht u morph with jae is.. GORG!!! but the morph with akanishi jin is..LOL! ahahah the lips aahha! its crooked ;p
    i tried my frnds’s pic with eunhyuk…and up looking like smiggle frm LOTR ahahah xD

  5. Koreanchocolate:
    Lol, the Jin picture is ^^;;;;
    The picture that I morphed with Leeteuk is even stranger XD
    Smiggle from LOTR? XDDD

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