Posted by: lovediaries | March 22, 2008

More HQ T photos + Changmin’s booklet

Not sure if they’re from day 1 or 2 

{credit: DBSK Bar @ Baidu}


[I totally suck at resizing pics =.=”]

Click for more here and here

They’re mostly Yunho and I’m still no fan of his hair =.=”
Changmin looks so cute in ^that pic and Yunho looks like a woman *shakes fists*

But there are some manlier pics of Yunho where you can see his arms ^^ I think the costume he’s wearing there is my favourite out of all the ones I’ve seen. Because it’s simple. And it reminds me of what they wore when they sung Miss You and “O” in FITB. But the gold thing…and the chain around his neck is a BIG No No.

::EDIT:: Yay! Changmin’s booklet scans ^^

{credit: Mish @ Multiply}

Free Image Hosting at  Free Image Hosting at  Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

His cheek bones are sticking out SO much now it breaks my heart. Changmin has lost so much weight since last year *weeps in corner*


  1. Ah, Changmin’s so cute. Maybe the photo was edited to make his cheekbones look sharper? I hope so.

    Is there a link for the CM-YH black and white photo? I wish the PD’s would show more of that pairing.

  2. muffinpaste:
    omg IM SO STUPID. only two of the above pictures actually have links…IM SO SORRY!!! coz wordpress was being dodgy and im not too familiar with the links on imageshack…argh i shall fix that right away!!

    and i sure hope the photo was edited…either way, i was rewatching purple line mV and his legs were so thin they looked like they were about to break :(

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