Posted by: potensvita | March 23, 2008

Cool Magazine Spread and Something about ….

I was going to post something about BoA but decided to save the best for the last. Oh well, that is plain lying, since I wouldn’t know where to start and if I really were to talk about BoA, I really can’t figure out what it is that I want to say….
So, as of now, I am going to update on what’s happening with BoA.

BoA has recently released her sixth Japanese album – The Face which I totally LOVE. I am so so going to buy her album when I return to someplace for summer.

So, with the release of the album, she will be touring for The Face. She will be holding 17 concerts which are supposed to be kicked off in May O___O.

Speaking about tours, DBSK and CSJH are on tour correction, DBSK had their arena tour and CSJH had their Tenjochiki Graceful 4 party which were held on 19th and 23rd of March. I really want to know what is going with their Graceful 4 party but so far, there have been NO FANCAMS, NO PICTURES, NOTHING.

There are only a few posts about the Graceful 4 party.


The link above is the girl’s message translation of their Graceful 4 Party.

Credit : xman150 @ soompi

Fan accounts about Graceful 4 party
Credit : xman150 @ soompi

I was really happy to hear that the fans enjoyed the Graceful 4 party. Haha. Happier than watching fancams and pics about the T tour. lol. Once a lesbian, always a lesbian…kidding :P.

I heard that they are going to have another concert or live but I’m not sure. I heard that the Girls said that SM is going help them to be a bit more popular in Japan. I hope that DBSK and CSJH will do a collab. together. Maybe a single together. That would be a dream come true. This way CSJH will get more exposure and it will give them a head start.

Now, on to Zhang Li Yin, she has appeared recently in the “Cool” magazine. Click here to read.

So, now, I am going to post more scans from the magazine.

Credit : 5imply_5wt @ soompi

Click here to download the scans of the magazine in a zip file.

PS : She looked really pretty.


  1. Potensvita :

    you’re malaysian?

  2. lol. yes. why? are you one too? ^^

  3. really? haha.. yea. i’m malaysian.
    you’re studying in Australia with pinkandsparkly?

  4. no. i am studying overseas in Russia.. Pinky and I knew one another through this forum. ^^
    cool to know a malaysian. ^^

  5. haha. yea. cool to know a malaysian too
    so, i guess you’re studying Med?

  6. Lol. HOW YOU KNOW? lol. yeah. Hum… I think it is inappropriate to talk here. You want to email me? I can come and meet up with you in Malaysia. ^^

  7. lols. cause most of us, Malaysians pursue Med in Russia. (:

    ya. kinda inappropriate.
    sure.thanks for ur email!

  8. whoo everyone’s malaysian~!

    lets all play negaraku or something. lol.

    (yes me too hi hi)

    OH! i have a friend doing the russian med prog too! 2nd year this year… short spunky kid. kelantanese. ring a bell? no? s’okay.

  9. no… not ringing any bell at all. ^^

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