Posted by: lovediaries | March 23, 2008

No.1 Group of March goes to…

Super Junior!!!

credit: anneli @ Multiply; The DBSK and SUJU grp;
Translations by miss scarlett @ Asianfanatics, elaine @ imeem

According to sources, Super Junior have been voted #1 group of March by netizens aged between 10-30. This poll was to choose ‘the most suitable candidate for Entertainment’s Best Group Award’.

SuJu takes first place with 37.4%. SNSD comes next with 26%. DBSK are apparently 3rd but no stats are provided. All we know is that Wonder Girls got 15.4% of votes (and I’m assuming that’s 4th). So DBSK got somewhere between 15.4-26%.

Congratulations to SuJu, coz they deserve it after all their hard work this year. However, I was expecting DBSK to do better…ie come Second. Just because they did come back recently and appear on all these variety shows especially for their fans. So either the power of SNSD is just too strong or the Cassiopeians did not hear of this poll.

Because how likely is it that SNSD’s fanclub is now greater (in number) than Cassiopeia? What is their fanclub called anyway? Barbie dolls? AHAHA. Okay, that was lame. *bows in apology* I mean, these polls have usually been based on the size of fan clubs, am I right?

*shrugs* Either way, SuJu coming no.1 is worth celebrating :)



  1. -_O i see cassiopeia are mad tht their oppa’s are working their BUTTS off at japan … lol, well congrats to suju!! :DD DBSK didnt do any activity in korea so maybe no 3 is kinda awesome? lol. ahha, either way DBSK hwaiting! and gambarimas! GOOD luck fr the 3rd arena tours and SUJU hwaiting! continue doing wht u are doing best :D BUT!!wht i dont understand is… SNSD lol!!! ahahah, i laughed my head off when they got no 2 SNSD fans, im not sorry lol! JOKE JOKE DONT HIT MEEEEEEEE! hahah *runs off with a lollipop*

  2. Hi babe!
    Sorry for the irrelevant post here..

    Love your posts/comments on DBSK =D
    It’s very entertaining and interesting.
    I made a layout for you, in appreciation for all your work in setting up this blog to inform others about DBSK/SUJU etc.

    Can you email me at Since I don’t have your email addy. Would love to send you the layout!

    Cheers <3

  3. dbsk got part of this poll?

    i didnt know…i only saw sj, snsd, and wondergirls’ name in the top …

    interesting….dbsk lose to snsd?????…

    it might be because their activities in japan…and not in korea..

    but idk??????!!!

  4. koreanchocolate:
    haha you reckon? maybe it’s their way of saying ‘you choose to work in Japan, you lose to SNSD’ xD not that theres anything wrong with that…*afraid of snsd fans*
    ahaa LOL why r u running away with a lollipop?? a SNSD one? :S
    hi there ^^ thanks for that…um but I’m not the main author of this blog so I’ll be sure to let pinkandsparkly know your email! :)
    yep, well coz the article i read, they mentioned wondergirls but no ranking. then they said dbsk and some other groups came third and fifth to eighth respectively so dbsk came third and i assumed wondergirls came 4th!

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