Posted by: potensvita | March 24, 2008

Boa – The Face #1

Yup, you didn’t read wrongly. This is just the first out of the series of posts I am going to do on BoA.

You don’t need to read it if you don’t like her. ^^

The Face, her sixth Japanese album was released at 27th of February this year and had rocked the Oricon chart, making her one of the best selling female artist in Japan.

Now … I will post a video that totally give you tonnes of reasons to buy her album.

credit : potensvita @ youtube.

The first song which was promoted is Sweet Impact. At first, I don’t really like this Sweet Impact song but I have heard it a few times. Somehow most of her songs are ones which made me like them bit by bit.

Sweet Impact PV ( I can’t find caps of it so …. watch the MV then. Click here) Credit : sek0001 @ dailymotion

Do read here for a more professional review on the Sweet Impact single. Credit : beyond thesea blogger

I think this blogger totally highlighted what I wanted to say. Because Sweet Impact was too generic that I was getting tired of her. The poppy song had totally being used too much that it made me feel worn out. I needed something more soulful. Sometimes, I was wondering why Bad Drive wasn’t the featured song. It is so much better than Sweet Impact.

Oh well.

Watch the LOVE LETTER PV here. Credit : sek0001 @ dailymotion

Love Letter was her second single in this album of hers.

I love Love Letter. She looked so beautiful in it with her wavy hair. The song was good with an emphasis on vocals. I want to have hair like hers. So beautiful, like a goddess. Some tidbits on making of this PV. I heard that she had to run in some parts of the MV and the camera man was out of breath and she wasn’t. LOL. So cute. ;)

Her clothes were to die for. <3. I wanted to hug the stylist.

OOpps, I talked too much. Click here to read a more professional review of her Love Letter single. Credit : beyond the sea blogger.

NEXT STOP : a dance title from our Beloved BoA.


I love love the look she had here. So, sophisticated. The straight hair she had reminded me of ID Peace days and even her famous No. 1 days. haha. Maybe I am rambling on some unknown jargon?

Credit : BoAJjang. <3

Anyway, there is a high pitch in here at the end that was totally wow. lol. One thing that I can’t deny, is that she keeps on growing vocally. The guitar here is really fantastic. The melody is catchy. The dance here is ^^ pure love. I love the concept of catwalk in the PV. Totally cool. And the guitar solo here is so good. Melts.

Click here to watch the PV and the making. Credit : exdays @ youtube.

I was just watching the making. She had to dance sexily and when the director said cut, she collapsed with embarrassment. <3 And I love the PruUURUUU she did to cheer the filming when the dance section was done. CHEERS. She even celebrated her birthday filming her PV. TT She was cheering for herself. Her dancers gave her a present. Make sure you WATCH IT. <3

Now, I wish that I am her dancer. I would hug her.

Click here to read a more professional review of this song. credit : BeyongTheSea blogger

Be With You

There are three version to this PV. Why, you ask? Simply because this is the theme song of a Japanese movie.

So, there is a movie version. Credit : BoA0000 @ youtube

And there is a PV version. Credit : o0oDbSko0o @ youtube. (I think a lot of people had an obsession with zero lately ^^)

and Finally a Piano Version Credit : FionnZ @ youtube.

Do you need to ask whether I like it or not? I love it, I love the natural look she had in here.

I love the melody, though I thought it was highly dangerous of her to use too much high pitch in a tone. It sounded at some points, unstable. Oh well. This ballad of her was supposed to be not as strong as Winter Love which was featured in her MIT album but in some way, it is good. I took some time to get used to it but like most of her songs, it started to grow on me.

Click here to read a more professional review. Credit : Beyond the sea blogger.

OK. This will end my first post of The Face series. Hope you stay tuned for more in the near future. ^^

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