Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 24, 2008

Complete “T” tour booklet scans – edited

Credit: cassiopeia琦琦 @ Baidu JJ Bar for posting, and Baidu Micky Bar for scanning

Right click on the picture, and click “view image” to see it bigger.

Finally, the complete (I think) set of pictures :DD We’ve already posted Yunho’s pictures here, and Changmin’s here.

Go here to view all the pictures EDIT: forget that link, I just found some HQ pictures here (can’t be bothered changing my thumbnails though :P). I was going to put them all in thumbnail form on here, but I think there are more than 50 pictures, so…..I just chose a few of my favourites:

Lol, I think I went a bit overboard with the “few favourites” XDDD Not my fault they all looked so good xP

I included the scan of their “discography” page, cos I thought that it was très impressive *—* Yes, some of them are just different versions of the same thing, but, 38 singles over 2 years? That’s a lot.

What I’m currently listening to: “Eternal” – DBSK This song needs to be performed LIVE.


  1. i seriously NEED this bookelt, CHANGMIN! OH U HAVE GROWN and YES u look 1.5 wait! 8209380812918918 cooler when u pierced yr ears :P i think its really hot! i myself have 4 piercing (ear). lol xD
    GOSH, i LOVE chunnie with the hat AND JAE with the beanie, oh junsu yr face is written charisma ALL OVER! ahahah yunnie isnt yr hair better tht way…than the pony tail. IM STILL NOT LOVING HIS HAIR DURING THE TOUR -_O

  2. Just a note on Eternal. They did preform the song live in their first Japanese concert tour.

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