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SuJu – Interview in China

{credit: bobo0614 @ Super Junior HK Fans Club; translation: candychu @ Let’s All Eat Candy}

[Okay, I know it looks really pathetic that I’m now asking to be credited but last time when I translated an article my entire post was taken out word for word and up til now proper credits have still not been given so now I’m a tad tightarse about it. I mean, I don’t mind doing translations because not everyone is able to read Chinese…but please credit properly! Or at least paraphrase the article?]

[Pinkandsparkly’s edit: I would prefer this to be kept here, and people directed here, but that’s not very realistic. So PLEASE credit if you’re going to take this out, it’s so nice of candychu to spend time translating this for people who can’t read Chinese, so she deserves the credit :DDD Also, if you’re taking this out, don’t just credit: “WordPress”; copy and paste the credit at the top, NOT that hard. ^———-^ ]

On with the news now!


How GOOD do Kyuhae look? Okay, everyone looks really handsome here (and I’m totally loving the Sihan as well as the HanHae) but I duno…I’m biased okay!? Nah I’m not xD I think it’s coz Donghae has bags under his eyes and looks dead tired but is still able to look really good that it’s worth pointing out. Am I right? Oh and Kyu got a haircut? Y/N? So that’s also worth drawing attention to ^^Anyways, here’s the interview that took place, conducted by the TOM website.

The time period for the interview was short and there was no time for translating so it was down to Hankyung to answer the questions. [Siwon and Donghae would occassionally give a response].

I (Interviewer): First, I wanted to ask Hankyung, when you received news of becoming a torch bearer, how did you feel?
H (Hankyung): I was very excited and happy because I never thought I’d be so honoured to be given this chance. I told this news immediately to my parents.

I: Have you made any preparations for becoming a torch bearer? E.g some body building? (not exactly body building xD)
H: No n
ot really, my body is in pretty good condition due to practice so there shouldn’t be any problems.

I: How is preparation for the Chinese album?
H: We’re still preparing/arranging it, but so far everything’s going well. We’re sure very soon it’ll be able to ‘meet’ everyone (the public). Hopefully everyone will love and support our Mandarin album.

I: Apart from Siwon and Hankyung, which other members have good Chinese?
H: Everyone’s is pretty good.

I: Nobody in particular stands out?
H: Donghae’s is pretty good {Yay! Now I can marry him and not have language barriers xD}

I: Can we ask Donghae to say a few phrases in Chinese, or sing some Chinese?
Donghae (slightly embarrassed): I haven’t prepared anything for today. Next time, I’ll have something.

I: The 2008 Tour will have two shows in China. Will it be altered slightly compared to the Korean one in preference to Chinese fans?
H: It will change a bit. The exciting parts we’ll keep a secret. But overall appearance will be the same. Maybe when we practice we might know more {I’m not sure if he meant ‘we’ as in the members or the public}
I: Is the time set for the Concert?
H: The time hasn’t been set yet. It’s definitely in Beijing and Shanghai.

I: Can you say a few words to TOM netizens?
Leeteuk: TOMwebsite has constantly given us a lot of care, thank you to the TOMwebsite fans. Hope everyone can continue to support us. Thank you.
After the interview, the members of Super Junior were very polite and well mannered in thanking us.As they were about to leave, members were mindful to thank the interviewer. Donghae also remembered to show off a bit of chinese.

Okay, you know the phrase that people say when you’ve ‘worked hard’ and they acknowledge that? I’m not sure how to say it in English (coz my English sucks) but that’s what the SuJu members were saying to the staff. Then Donghae said that as well but added ‘very’ in front of it ^^

Here are some pics from the event:

14eh1.jpg 47818943qq1.jpg 90930066qe4.jpg 85398015uv8.jpg 68756463vn3.jpg


And that Yesung pic is so totally awesome. I was scrolling down the page and theres Hankyung being attentive to the questions being asked, Leeteuk, Hae and Kyu looking handsome as…then there’s Yesung…striking a pose XD

It was really funny, okay!?!?!

Also, here’s the official video of their performance – A Man in Love and Mirror

Credit: Haewonnie @ Youtube



  1. There is SO much love in that first picture <333
    A fan over-heard them practising Jay Chou’s 青花瓷 *———* I love that song~~~~
    It’s going to be really really funny if SJ sings it though, cos you can never tell what Jay’s singing (cos he mumbles), so it’ll be nice to hear SJ’s version XDDD
    Can’t wait, can’t wait :DD
    Thanks for translating, ILU <333

  2. LOL I know what you mean about Jay Chou’s mumbling XD
    Me and my friend used to “learn” mando off listening to music and my other friend was like ‘why would you listen to Jay Chou? it’s all jibberish XD’ (the way he talks, not the lyrics)

    LOL well hopefully theyll get ppl to teach them the PROPER pinyin/pronounciation

    btw, I have a tendency to spell Jay as Jae…xD stupid Jaejoong xP

    hehe thats okay ^^ np :)

  3. Ahaha! teuki’s hair!

  4. kpoplover4ever:
    lol if u see a pic from the back his ponytail looks even funnier XDD

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