Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 25, 2008

Best fanfic trailer everrrrrr.

Credit: luffy00 @ Youtube


Ok, I lied, sort of. This is the ONLY fanfic trailer I’ve seen XD I’m not a fan of fanfiction; the Jaeho ones irk me :|

The only reason I clicked on this, is because it said “Yamapi and Jae”. Yamapi is one of my favourite J-pop boys, and you all know that Jae is my favourite thing ever (I think I’ve mentioned that more than enough times XD), so I was all “EEEEE” when I saw their names TOGETHER, in ONE LINE :DDDDD (i’minsane)

Anyway, like I said, I haven’t seen many fanfic trailers, but this one is FANTASTIC. The overall quality is EXCELLENT, and if I didn’t know any of the people in there, I would’ve thought that it was the official trailer of a real movie.

Official plot:

Yuki (Lee Yeon Hee) has been going out with Yamapi for two years after two confessed their feelings for each other. Everyone said they were meant for each other and with him she felt complete…Until one freakish day an unexpected stranger changed everything. Like a spell, she was swept away by him. With troubling past and crumbling childhood friendships, the stranger is all she wants to live for now. However, things aren’t looking up as hurt and resentment are at the brink of destroying everything.

Me thinks Jae is the “mysterious stranger” ^——–^

The fanfic also features Lee Yeon Hee (“Timeless” and “I Will” MV actress) and Fukuda Saki.

The fanfic can be read here, and go to the original youtube page here to leave the video maker a nice comment ;)

Oo, and EXCELLENT song choice.

Official poster:

Doesn’t it look like a poster for a real movie? :D [right click on the picture, and select “view image” to see it bigger]

What I’m currently listening to: “Bokura no Machi de” – Kat-tun


  1. wow O_O it really is amazing :D the cuts suit so much!! ( i didnt know that Lee Yeon Hee also was the maincast in A Millionairs First Love XD~)
    thx for sharing!!i think i’ll read the fic ^^d

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